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In-game Sea Battle Rages on!

ekwkekwk Member UncommonPosts: 15

Who said that Pirate King Online was just all about land battles?

Check out some of the sea battle galore in the recent sea event where pirates and sea creatures invaded the harbor of Argent City!

Enlarge Image

The battle rages on!

Enlarge Image

Suddenly sea creatures of all shapes and sizes appear out of no where!

Enlarge Image

A watery death for many!

Enlarge Image

The head huncho Pirate ship!

Enlarge Image

Plenty of mayhem and sinking ships!

Don't miss out for the chance to participate in these fun in-game events! Head on to Http:// and sign up for an account! Best thing is the game is Free to play forever!


  • ekwkekwk Member UncommonPosts: 15

    Hey guys!

    With the latest server side patch comes a new in-game feature, Guild Wars!

    As such, we will be doing a test run on the game Guild War system this weekend! Join other players with guilds of their own and experience this massive pvp war!

    More info can be found at the game guide on our official website at on how the event works.

    For starters, we will set the guild war timing as follows:

    Friday 1900 hrs (GMT + 8): For 2nd guild placing
    Saturday 1900 hrs (GMT + 8): For 1st guild placing
    Sunday 1900 hrs (GMT + 8): For 3rd guild placing

    We hope everyone will be able to participate in the guild wars this coming weekend, winner takes home the bragging rights and honor of being the best guild in our closed beta!

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