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Open Beta Question

Has anyone heard anything about when/if Open Beta will be?  I thought i remember reading somethinga bout Fileplanet getting rights to distribute the beta.  Can anyone confirm this?


  • DelphianDelphian Member Posts: 192

    Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2006 11:21 am by PR Manager
    With the game nearing completion, the pressure on the Beta is getting
    higher and higher. Open Beta is getting closer and plans for a first of
    its kind end of Beta event are well on their way. Because we want the
    Open Beta available to as many people as possible, we looked for a
    partner that is able to make it all happen; Fileplanet (insert cheer
    noises here).

    The good thing is that we can trust Fileplanet to arrange the
    entire Beta process giving us the space to focus on finishing the game.
    Their Beta experience and reliable servers will ensure the Open Beta
    can be enjoyed by anybody that wants to be part of it!

    Today we kicked off by starting the first of many Focus Tests using
    500 testers selected by Fileplanet. Of course this process is spied
    upon by a number of our hard core community testers Smile

    As for WHEN, it looks very likely that the open beta will come this month. The site says "Projected Open Beta" under this months coming soon section.
  • KungfubarKungfubar Member Posts: 34

    yay, thx for the good information

  • MelkrowMelkrow Member Posts: 278
    yeah, thanks for the info, I wasn't fortunate enough to get invited into closed beta, looks like I'll have my chance soon in open beta.


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  • netnomadnetnomad Member Posts: 9
    According to Tcos front page the open beta starts this month.


  • KungfubarKungfubar Member Posts: 34
    Coming soon
     September 2006
    Community Q&A
    Projected Open Beta
    TCoS Newsletter
     October 2006
    Projected release
    This is quote from the front page of TCoS.  Good to know =)
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