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Question about UXO orientation

AnofalyeAnofalye Member Posts: 7,433

Hiya all,


To make a short story, I am a EQ fan(many 65ish toons, close to 1k AAs) that is VERY sour on raiders getting all group and solo edges in EQ, do you think I will enjoy UXO?


So far, so good on what I read on UXO.  But...1 designer answer scarred the hell outa me...he say, best MOBS will get best rewards...sound like raid or perish to me!  What you have to say you that check that game a lot more then me?


- "Coercing? No no, I assure you, they are willing to bring my bags and pay public transportation just to help me, it is true!''

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  • MrViceMrVice Member Posts: 197

    I read the same quote you did, however I think you need to take this out of the EQ context.   UO:X is offering many instance zones, so players won't have to worry about waiting in line jus to get a drop.  Or killing the same mob over and over again in order to find one perticular item.  Instance zones allow one player, or a group of players to enter that zone, and once inside, only those players will have acess to that zone, thusly you won't ever have to wait in line to kill a perticular mob.  Also by controling the frequency of those instance zones you can allow mobs to drop perticular items with a much higher regularity than you could if the mob was present all the time.

    Secondly, the reason the highest level mobs give the best loot is that the reward has to equil the feat or challenge.  Thusly hard mobs give good items so people will bother trying to kill them.  It's that simple.   This notion is the basic princapal that drives pve baised mmorpgs.

    With that being said I really hope that you enjoy UX:O.  If you give it a try you'll find it a fun refreshing break from the tedium of everquest and almost all other mmorpgs.

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  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member Posts: 7,433



    Honestly, I think best group rewards need to belong to group earned stuff, not raid earned stuff...this is why I am so sour at that logic.

    I plan to try UXO so far. :)  I want to play althought, not to work!  :) 

    I have no troubles with *hardest* mobs handing best gear, as long as best SOLOING mobs hand best soloing gear, not the best RAIDING mobs...and of course a raiding mobs is stronger then a soloing mobs, he need to face 50 players, that dont give him the right to have all best gears of all aspect of the game IMO.  I would not care about loot if level was plainly unlimited(or if gear is trivial), I would be level 300 while someone Raiding for loot would be level 50, but since I am limited on XP, at least I want to keep my edge in grouping and soloing. 

    Why would a mobs that is so strong that he dont care about grouping stuff, it take a raid to own him, should have the best items for grouping edge?  I mean, that mob dont care for such items, he care for items that are dangerous or usefull to him, the best tools to kill goblins is certainly neither of does. :)

    If the best group rewards go again to folks that storm a place at 50, I will experience a nerve breakdown!  They dont deserve it, they cant even do stuff alone, they need to slugish line troops of 50 to do anything, they certainly dont deserve group edges.  Anyway, my point of view! :)

    Who would a God reward best?  The paladin  that purge the land of evil or the paladin that come and defeat his own physical manifestation?  If you think the paladin that destroy the physical manifestation, you suppose the God was actually really defeated?  Me when I see a God goes down I see more a God playing chess with others Gods and respecting silly rules in that chess game...and...the best item for a paladin should not even exist from start, but when the God wish to reward his paladin, poof, it was created, in the blink of an eye, I mean, it is a God! :)  I find it ridiculous to even think the Gods can be really defeated, they cant.  Their physical manifestations must obey to some silly rules of a chess games they play between themselves, otherwise they would never be defeated by mortals.  No? :)

    If the best reward goes again to raiders that cant go to the bathroom alone, I will go beserk I swear! :)  yes yes, I cant bear such mistreatments more! :)  hehe

    If the best soloer is not a soloer, then soloing is unappealing.  If the best grouper is not a grouper, then grouping is unappealing...and so :)  I mean, how can someone not feel bad expecting someone that want to be the best bathroom cleaner to actually go to the University of Oxford for 20 years? :)  With all due respect to Oxford, I strongly doubt they make the best bathroom cleaners!


    - "Coercing? No no, I assure you, they are willing to bring my bags and pay public transportation just to help me, it is true!''

    - "If I understand you well, you are telling me until next time. " - Ren

  • crzybrtndrcrzybrtndr Member Posts: 94

    Ok, I've never played EQ, so I really don't know what those terms you used mean, but this is how mob drops will work in UXO:

    The best/high level items will be dropped from the hardest/highest level mobs.  Any item can be dropped from any type of mob that is the same level.  For example, say I'm looking for a level 90 uber sword, I would go hunt ANY level 90 mob and would have a chance of finding whatever sword I'm looking for.  There will not be unique drops off of certain mobs so there will not be camping.

    Did that help?

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