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EVerything great about rs!

Falconv700Falconv700 Member Posts: 10

Say everything good about rs rite here, this is classified as a flamer-free zone =)


  • Falconv700Falconv700 Member Posts: 10
    I love rs for SOME of it's community, the puclic... the econamy, it's amazing how jagex made such a game, such a shame flamers exist, cause it's a privalige 2 even have that game online =)
  • Shrimp10Shrimp10 Member Posts: 275

    I like the economy, the quests, the items, Jagex (what I would give to meet Andrew Gower), and a lot of other things that I can't be assed to list lol.

    And Ben, you finally have the chance to see what I go through daily on

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  • iampiemaniampieman Member Posts: 38
    i enjoy this game....cant really say why though maybe because of my abnormal ability to  roleplay?Im a p2p and f2p is terrible thats all i have to say

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