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Need Pking Help

HomiesliceHomieslice Member Posts: 156
Lvl 38 CB

38 attack
43 strenght
5 defence
4 prayer
1 magic
40 range
40 health points

Name Purepk LP13

I'm a steel pure. Full steel, D hide legs and Vambs, Addy B/a and Addy 2h. Strenght ammy

Any tips to improve it can i own in the wild with this stats or wat?

Ya heard


  • Shrimp10Shrimp10 Member Posts: 275
    Your not really going to get anywhere with 40 range...I'd suggest going for around 60-75 range with at least 70 hp.   Also 44 prayer would be good for you because of the protection prayers and the new Eagle Eye prayer, which boosts ranged by 15%.

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