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Game Changes

I tried this game out the day that it launched and I like the basics of it, but after about a month I just got bored.

I know this may seem like a broad question, but what about the game has changed enough to warrant coming back and trying it out? I heard something about a combat upgrade and something else about a new mission system coming soon.

Any basic details would be much appreciated. I'm just trying to get a general idea of the state of the game and whether I should come back and give it another try.


  • SkyJackalSkyJackal Member Posts: 390

    My responses to similar questions from other threads:

    On the surface it won't look like much has changed but trust me... Its 10x better.

    Stability and lag are much improved.

    CR2.0 balanced and streamlined combat and removed zero-sum gameplay.

    Unnumerable bug fixes.

    Many, many, many little features added/fixed.

    Email system.

    Pandora Box Quests.

    Missions Archive. (spanning the entire game's storyline critical mission history)

    White hallways/Org specific meeting areas.

    Prop Vendors (adding over 100 RP-useful items)

    and more

    Also, the RSIs looking the same was fixed with CR2.0. There isnt the 'one' outfit anymore (remember those blasted red derin trousers?), CR2.0 spread the loot spectrum right out with new tables/items/buffs. Now theres variety, real variety of both buffs on clothes (amoured and shielded stuff is useful now) and the clothes themselves (since about 95% of the games clothing now have buffed versions)

    Choosing/Finding an outfit thats both for your clothing style and has good buffs for your loadout is now a lot more advanced than just buying some item off the marketplace. It actually gives incentive to actually go and missions/kill mobs/find coders. And heck, dare i say it, its fun too.

    The community really is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best a -flegging- around. No one can deny that.

    They've been through A LOT are better for it. You won't be finding a more friendly or mature community than that of MxO any time soon. I can assure you.

    MxO has a back lore consisting of an entire movie trilogy, 9 anime short films, 2 volumes of comic books, and tons of written work explaining the post-trilogy.

    An ever evolving in-game storyline. A story that progresses over time. A story that changes the world, the atmosphere, the tension around you. Your enemies shift and change, your alligences may turn out to be betrayals. Your main story characters may be in grave danger and its up to you to save them. The entire Matrix may be forced into great peril and you have to unite to fight off a great external force. All of what i've mentioned has already happened and theres plenty more to come. It's a story that you're a part of.

    So yes, a casual gamer and jack in, play the game, level the character, kick the ass and do the pvp. But if they want to they can become part of something so much more. Something no other MMO has.

  • JagerMichaelJagerMichael Member Posts: 181
    Wow, a lot more in depth than I was looking for, thanks for that.

    I actually took the plunge last night and bought the game off Direct2Drive because I couldn't find my old CDs. Little did I know it would take until this morning to download and install the game.

    I noticed there are only 3 servers left, any recommendations there? I already created one toon and messed around on Recursion, but I'm looking for whatever server has the largest community as that's what I'm most interested in.

    Thanks again, I hope to possibly see you in game at some point.

  • AmunetAmunet Member Posts: 136
    Hey there! This seems liek a tottaly new departure from what i played! can't wait to play if i get a buddy key ^___^


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