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Free time given to past players?

EffectEffect Member UncommonPosts: 949

Was there free time given to past players recently?

Reason I ask is that usually you can't update the game unless you subscribe to a payment plan. I reinstalled the game today just to do so and decided to go check my account by logging in (to get directed to the payment page) yet that didn't happen. I got sent right to the update and character select window. The game is updating now so I have to wait and see if I can play. Thing is my payment option is still the same as before, canceled from the last time. So does anyone know what's going on?

Free time, change in the login setup where you can go to the update and then have to put in payment information?



  • KraptorKraptor Member Posts: 359
    Maybe you forgot to cancell ur sub:):)
  • zandwarfzandwarf Member Posts: 114

    Are you kidding?  SOE giving something FREE?  lol

    But seriously, im not aware of them giving any free time for past players. 

  • EffectEffect Member UncommonPosts: 949

    Nope, I canceled a long time ago and I haven't been charged anything. I checked the official forums and it seems that 10 days was given some time ago when they were having bad server problems. This might be what it is.

  • zandwarfzandwarf Member Posts: 114
    well good to know you get a bit of free play to warm up...and at any rate, welcome back!
  • koniu77koniu77 Member Posts: 5
    after your update is complete a window is going to pop up and tell you that you need a subscription :D

  • lillinlillin Member Posts: 207

    My eq2 and eq1 accounts both recieved 30 days free time each. 

    The way it goes is your gone for over 2 months, they make some big changes, then try to suck ya back in by letting you try the new gameplay.

    like eq1 once for some expansion, second time for progression servers.

    eq2 was once for live update # 13 and other was around the newb isle revamp i believe

  • MuppetHeroMuppetHero Member Posts: 208
    same thing happend to me last month. and Well I am now an Avid player again. this is a great game.

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  • neuronomadneuronomad Member Posts: 1,276

    Originally posted by MuppetHero
     is a great game.

    Yeah EQ2 is a nice game that really hasn't ever gotten enough credit.  I have thought about playing again since I dumped WoW yet again.   I think the biggest thing people don't like is the fact that it is an SOE product.  If you can get past that and get past the unique look it rocks.  I always loved the LFG utility and the guild matching utility is sweet as well.

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