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Looking for some noob pointers please?

milton1970milton1970 Member Posts: 347

Hi  I never played this, but people recommended that its good for pvp and you can play for an hour when you have the time. I read a few posts and links but the info wasn't too forthcoming. I have a bunch of questions so if there's a site or guide somewhere or if you even feel like answering one or two questions I'd appreciate it.

1. Is it level based and if so how long is the grind before I can log on and pvp?

2. I noticed 2 games for sale at the store, guildwars and guildwars factions, something like that anyway, if so which one do you recommend or is it the same thing?

3. Do you need a load of uber gear to compete in pvp? I played SWG pre-cu till sony screwed it up and only certain templates were effective unless you lootcamped for ages for skilltapes and weapon components or made a stack of cash to compete.

4. Just wondering about general playability, lag, customer support and what the server setup/populations are like.

anyway I guess that'll do for now



  • BentBent Member CommonPosts: 581

    Most of these links have FAQs or even guides titled "beginer's guide"

    I would read over thoses sites.  They have all the info you will ever need and can answer your questions in detail.  It seems so far you haven't gotten much info other than the name of the game.

    But the short answer to your questions
    1. No.  5mins

    2. GW prophets is the first GW that came out about 1.5 years ago, it is a longer PvE game.  GW Faction is the release from this April it is a much shorter PvE game.  PvP in both games is 90% the same.  The only difference is Faction owners get access to Alliance Battles.  The games are tied together.  Yet seperated.  That is if you only own one game you will still end up playing with and against people that own both or the one you don't.  If you own both games you get access to all classes, skilsl, and locations.  If you only own one you only get access to the classes, skills, and location specific to that game.

    3. There is no uber gear.  End game gear either comes with your char or can be bought from a merchant in a capitol city.

    4.  No lag, game has had less than 20hours of downtime since release.  CS is email based and responses fairly quickly.  There is only 1 server.  Population very per zone.  This is not a open world game.  The only place you will see more then 7 other players at once is in cities or certain PvP zones.

    Extra info

    Guild Wars in an entirely instanced game.  Think Diablo... or D&DOnline. 
    When you create a char you have the option to start a PvE or PvP char.  If you choose PvE you will start at lvl 1 with starter gear and can play your way through the entire game.  If you chose PvP you will start at lvl 20 with your choice of end game gear - you will only have acess to PvP areas.  All your chars are tied to your account.  Stuff you learn or find on any of your chars will be avaiblale to all of your PvP chars.  So if you learn the spell fireball with a PvE char all of your current and future PvP-only chars will know fireball even if you erase they char that first discovered the spell.  Same thing goes for certain items.

    The reason for all of this?  PvP is fast paced and ever-changing.  In one night you will likely make and delete 5 or so different PvP chars.  If you had to constantly re-lvl and re-equip your chars it would serverely decrease varibility in PvP.  Basicacly you log on.  Do some PvP, see that that night PvP is very warrior heavy.  Delete you char and remake him as an anti warrior char.  Go back and do some more PvP.  Your PvP honors are also tied to your account. 

  • milton1970milton1970 Member Posts: 347
    Thanks very much for the reply and for your time. Sounds like a blast
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