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Is L2 dead? or does it have more tricks to come?

XiepherXiepher Member Posts: 1

Ok, I'm a game returnee to L2. I love the game, but being back now just doesn't feel the same. The communtiy just feels emptier, the economy is rediculously contolled by botters, and instead of seeing alot of old and new faces ingame, I'm seeing only less and less friendly faces. What's your take?

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  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,106
    I am coming back soon but this time in a new server so hopefully it feels much more of a nice community like it was in beta.


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  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

    Unfortunately Xiepher, returning to any MMO generally feels like this I've returned to a few myself and was disappointed every time (DAoC and AC)

    Its never going to be like the good olds days. The first time you played probably left the strongest impression because it was all "new" and you had to struggle and figure it out. You made good friends and did things for the first time together. You can not recreate those days. The only thing I can say is except it as it is now. Personally, I made it a rule NOT to return to an MMO once I leave it for good. It just ruins the memories. Once a game begins its decline, they never recover. L2 hasn't hit that point yet. When it does, the bots will be the first to bail lol.

    I've been playing L2 recently and it "feels" ok. Ive met many people. Overall its no different then any other average MMO community wise IMHO.

    Don't fall into the trap of reading to deep into it. Remember its just a game. People get to caught up in the ethical/moral meaning of some of these games and what goes on in them. If someone wants to buy currency, f**k'em, who cares. Hundreds of thousands of people buy ingame currency in ALL of these games. What can you do? WoW is flooded with farmers also. Just don't do it yourself. Its the players fault this has happened. You can make money in L2 normally. I did and I'm an idiot lol. 


    You have an impressive array of characters to choose from. It might help if you started a new toon. Tweenk him if you like, but start again. This might help give the game a fresh new outlook. Pop on one of your high levels once in awhile when you get the itch. Try to work from the ground up. One reason you might feel disenchanted is because you forgot how tough and challenging the game could be coming up.

    Come to the new server with us when it opens on the the 6th of Sept. Start again, naked and new.

  • JinxysJinxys Member UncommonPosts: 483
    Hey Xiepher.

    I recently rejoined Lineage 2 also. My frist time logging in was a little strange, I wasn't sure if I'd done the right thing. A few more days past and I made some friends. One person whom I will never forget, gave my character an amazing start, with weapons and a nice bow.

    Another time just recently, I was being harassed by a perma red player, she wouldn't leave me alone. So I sounded the alarm in Dion town, within 2 mins I had 10+ players  surrounding her, asking if I was ok, did I lose any gear? etc etc. A nice person added me to her friends list from that.

    I find in Lineage 2 I really have to put myself out there and be friendly to get a response from people, and in doing that I was pleasantly suprised =)
    It took me a few days to settle in to Lineage again, but I feel settled and I think I will be here for a long time to come.
    Anyway that is just my little take from my experiences of the first couple of days back in Lineage 2

    I am also on the Erica server


  • PraorPraor Member Posts: 519

    Well Xiepher it really comes down to now adays what you feel like playing. Lin2 as many others are a dying breed and I only say this because if you removed all the Illegit accounts and shown legit players only your only gonna see a fraction of what was a fraction to begin with.

     So Lin2 has players and many of them but is a quest in itself to weed them all out. If you can and have the means, do what I do and have several games ready for play, I always now adays play this and that for a month and move on to next and work my way back around. Expensive but I do have a good time after work and log on to whatever icons are on my desktop :)              We are also starting on the new server with several of us here, so to me thats great to be able to game with the same people I have been posting with for so long (good or bad posts ). Anyways remember it's a game and have fun playing it !  :)

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  • ayuchanayuchan Member Posts: 90
    if anyone is gonna try l2...now is the time...there is a new server starting with the launch of chronicle 5

    i think it's sept 6

    there should be a large population in the starter towns...which of course means a lot of pvp

    if you don't like pvp i would play on one of the older servers where you would be left alone for the most part until you are higher level

    but if you want to see lineage 2 with a lot of low level players this may be the last chance...just be prepared to get dropped a lot

  • dunpeldunpel Member Posts: 28
    Yeah i plan to start playing L2 as aoon as i can.I'm going to join the new server franz (european server) so i hope to it will be good ).with the pvp in L2 seen it first hand on my friends comp and i think its the best i've seen so far.


  • LucchenoLuccheno Member UncommonPosts: 65
    good, but not that great... afte rhaving tried it out for a few weeks, it got a bit boring.... no roleplaying at all, u just wander the world... the wuests seem a bit meaningless...... altough the graphs are excellent....
  • little_fazlittle_faz Member Posts: 80
    I'm considering trying this game, should I try it?
  • FruityFunCakFruityFunCak Member Posts: 8
    really L2 isnt dead its just about the server you are on now. some are helpfull some are not its better to join one for the more helpfull servers like Bartz or Teon or if you are comming back for a fresh start the new server that starts on September 6th would be a good idea since it will be like beta again i have high hopes for Franz
  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

    Originally posted by Luccheno
    good, but not that great... afte rhaving tried it out for a few weeks, it got a bit boring.... no roleplaying at all, u just wander the world... the wuests seem a bit meaningless...... altough the graphs are excellent....

    You need to understand what the game is about lol,

    Castle seiges and guild politics.

  • SentimeSentime Member UncommonPosts: 270

    Originally posted by little_faz
    I'm considering trying this game, should I try it?

    You can try it. The game definatley has some mild entertainment value.

    If you want to stay for the long haul and actually want to compete at the high end, I suggest you get yourself multiple accounts, or access to a buffer and find one of the many bot programs.  Playing L2 legit is almost an insult atm and the top end people that got there botting/ebaying/exploiting will ruin your game experience once you start getting into it.
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