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dont know what to pick

ShackaShacka Member Posts: 2

Hi guys, i just dont know what to pick, when the new server opens i realy dont know what to go for a caster or Range melee Bow ofc. would be nice as for a good solo and PvP char, i hear that HE i good PvP but any good for Solo leveling?


  • BiZzXBiZzX Member Posts: 19

    All characters are good for somthing. But for soloing i would have to say using a tank would be the best, or maby an archer depending on what you are planning on hunting. But if you want more information on classes visit this...www.lineage2.com/Knowledge/race_human.html

    that is just info about humans, but near the top theres a navi to change between class info.

  • MugsaMugsa Member Posts: 40

    Best for solo?

    I enjoyed playing my Gladiator solo with shots and pots.

    Never had any trouble, can take alot of damage and great in PvP.

    Anyway, thats just me

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  • rawrozorrawrozor Member Posts: 42

    You can never go wrong soloing with any class that does damage. Just need either self buffs and buff pots and such. It makes grinding a lot worse on you so you might want to pick something that looks cool. I suggest being Dark Elf and being a BladeDancer.

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