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worth buying

pinkavenger9pinkavenger9 Member Posts: 10
is this game worth buying? are the graphics good? is the game play good? i would like some help and i don't know if i should buy it thanx.


  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,106
    Graphics are amazing, I say give it a try. Especially on September 6th when new server comes out, Franz.


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  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 29,192
    And again... just another reminder that this Server has Euro friendly siege times (and is located in Germany) just for those who might have an issue with this.

  • albertyellowalbertyellow Member Posts: 3
    i like this game but i dont like the people in the game.because there are many scammers in them!!!!
  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 29,192

    Originally posted by albertyellow
    i like this game but i dont like the people in the game.because there are many scammers in them!!!!

    Yeah, I can really understand that. The problem is that that is  part of the L2 gameplay.

    Basically, "here is your world, do what you want with it".

    In some ways it makes for very engaging gameplay simply because you never know what type of gaming experience you will have that day.

    In L2 the Bandits are real. Now for many people, they just want to log in, do some quests, a raid, maybe some PvP of their own choosing and that's it. That's why games like WoW are good. They are for people who are relaxed players who just want to have some fun.

    But in L2's case, it reall is "sign into a scary chaotic world and see what happens". It's the people who, enmasse, set the timbre of the gameplay experience.

    Sometimes it can be more than frustrating and sometimes it can be very exciting.

    I'm in the middle. In many ways it really shouldn't be my game. But it has so much of what I do want that I can't really find another game to take it's place. Yet.
  • JinxysJinxys Member UncommonPosts: 483
    Is the game worth buying? I would say yes. The grahpics are stunning, the characters  look amazing.the true fun starts when you get to higher levels and are able to participate in the Castle Sieges. The world in L2 is large and seamless, it really does give you a feeling of being in a large and dangerous world. The next update is C5 due on September 6th. Free major updates are always nice ^^

    The grind can be tough, but alot of folk like me don't mind that. If you have the time to invest in Lineage 2  and like a good challenge , then by all means give it a go, you might just love it.


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