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about this game

monsterizedmonsterized Member Posts: 12
"What other pursuits are there except war?

Apart from being a soldier, there are endless occupations for players.
These range from traders to craftspeople, priests to entertainers,
shephards to poets, thieves to innkeepers, spies to ferrymen, the
opportunities are endless."


This seems interesting


  • KaibyakuKaibyaku Member Posts: 65
    Maybe it's just me. Maybe I want more from games today, then the simple "Become the best class to kill stuff."
    Thats getting a little old these days. I think it would be fun, to, along with being a knight/mage/pwnyourface, you could have an everyday job. I would really enjoy that. Plus, it would be a definate way of making money ingame. This game had a good idea, just not...anything else. =(


  • adralaadrala Member Posts: 148

    This game surely has a GREAT concept behind it and has almost walked its way from the start to beta with its core features intact unliek many games that promise a lot of thing but then slowly reduce them during the making process.

    It WONT have magic. It will be realistic-NO eleves no dragons no fire sowrds. It will be all about RP in a world with other roleplayers and participate in its development. The oportunities for char dev are endless just like in RL.

  • FondelFondel Member UncommonPosts: 98
    This game has a lot of potential and I've been looking after this game for almost 2 years now.. I just hope I could see the day when the game releases which still seems to be far ahead....
  • DyraeleDyraele Member UncommonPosts: 200
    I am really looking forward to this game and have been quite a while. Though it's focus is RP and not on PvP, there is still PvP. However, rampant killing will not be tolerated and in game justice will be provided as well as GM tools.

    Along these lines, with 3 deaths you will perma-die. That being the case, this could have a dramatic affect on the amount of random killing you see in other PvP games.

    This game has so many great features. You should head over to the site and check it out. Be aware that a lot of the lore in being revised and is not up yet so the current lore is outdated.

    [EDIT] I should also add that you do not know your skill levels or the level of others. There are no bars or numbers, there are no player levels. So, it is much as in real life instead of looking at a chart to see how you stack up.

    AKA - Bruxail

  • Squal'ZellSqual'Zell Member Posts: 1,803

    PvP with risk Makes  you think 2x before attacking

    " maybe? maybe not ...ok ill attack... mmmm... yeah.... sure why not... mmmmmmm.... ok.... on 3..... 1... mmmmmm yeah ok 1....2... mmmm ugghh... 3!!!!!"

    open PvP with risk makes you consider attacking

    "i wonder if he can kill me... hummm is he higher level then me?"


    Adelion.. you think before walking

    " I wonder if am good enough to go outside? who care if he is better, can i just handle myself?"


  • zhakyzhaky Member Posts: 8
    I'm really looking forward to this game, I've tried some MUDs that were a bit like this.. of course just without the graphics... there is just a tiny thing that makes me sad... what happend to the magic... I need magic... ok I'll play this game because it will only be for RPers and not all those noobish "Hey look at me I've spend to much time leveling"-kids... I just hope that the graphic will be as promising as the gameplay
  • DurrickDurrick Member Posts: 1

    YAY!!! finaly a MMO with the guts to add Purm deth.  we need more MMOS with winners and loosers. a game is not a game unles you can trooly loos. hope thay downt lisen to the crye babyes wen thay start dying. well distroy the game quick. ceep up the good work and give me a good game i well play fore ever.   =)


    PS . yes my spelling sucks. get over it.  =P

  • mutatormutator Member Posts: 131

    i think this game will be better then most. and yeah thet perm  killing is a thing i really would like to try and raiding cities destroying races........ coool.......i am really gonna begin playin this

  • Makaveli1244Makaveli1244 Member Posts: 1

    Lol.  First of all,  I don't recomend using the info on game review/preview sites seriously.   They are not updated constantly, and alot of the time the information is wrong/and or misleading.  Also the screenshots are almost always of an early version, even if they are not the graphics that wil be in-game.

    If someone is posting about this game I hope they went to the main page and actually checked the game out.   At the main site you can find the real information, not the dated info that most sites have...


    The game is in early development.  It is being worked on by people who are working on it for free, in their spare time.   It's important to them nonetheless, but you cannot expect the same speed as a 50 person team who work on a game full time.  The developers of Adellion have to have real, paying jobs aswell!  Because of this they cannot give updates constantly.

    The game engine has been replaced recently, (When I say recently I don't mean it litterally) they are using the latest version of the 'Torque' engine... 

    The game is based on roleplaying aspects and trys to remain as realistic as possible, that is the reason for no magic, perma-death and many other things.

    If people want to randomly kill/grief, not use proper english language i.e. not using actual punctuation!!! (I find it very silly when periods are not used at all in multiple sentences.)  And using 1337 or text speak.  I would personally say not to look at the game, but griefing will be stopped and 1337 or text speakers can learn to use proper english. 


    Brief warning... THIS IS NOT GUILD WARS, WOW, LOTRO, SWG OR ANY OTHER MMORPG!!   SO DON"T EXPECT IT!!!  It is alot better, ~but~ I guess it depends on what you like.



    The main site and FAQ is here for easier access.  Some things are not completely up to date, as things are changing constantly.  The game is in closed alpha/beta right now.  Check out the forums aswell, but if you are going to, check the stickied threads first.  Don't ask how to get into the game as it is posted in alot of places.  Look for information/question & answers before you post them.  Use the search tool!


  • MaurizioMaurizio Member UncommonPosts: 162

    I have known about this game for quite some time now, but for some reason, I find it hard to read through everything on the main forums. Seems things are just unorganized or something.  But from the few things i have gotten to read as of late...

    Finnaly a developing team with a bit of brain, working in a perma death system. Now for those hardcore pvpers, this is the ultimate time to shine... No more running out everyday dieing 500 times and still haveing all your stuff and skills.  Im hoping also that these devs are not like many other MMO devs, Id like to see balance in game play, and not a firm stance against changing a system if its clearly not working well.

    Hopefully this game gets a little bit more of attention which i think it deservers, but at the same rate, that attention needs to come from both community and dev team as well.

  • mike480mike480 Member Posts: 75

    The game looks pretty cool, i like the open pvp kinda thing-makes it a more threatening game.  I'm definately gettin that beta :)

  • zhakyzhaky Member Posts: 8

    To all you PvPers who think this game will be about killing as much as you can.. IT'S NOT!

    The game is about RP (RolePlay in case you didn't know), and therefore there must be reasons behind every action you do, so you can't just kill every soldier or civillian you see, you must have a motive.

  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 23,367
    The official site link takes you straight to a put your password in box. Which is rather odd.
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