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Who have played Eudemons? F2P only please!!

Who have played Eudemons (f2p) and what do u think of it, if you have tried it? I'm currently looking into F2P MMORPG's because I might have to stop playing my 215 adv, on Anarchy Online. People told me about Flyff, Cable, Knight Online, Martial Heroes, Hero, Ran Online, Silkroad Online. I could just buy one of the Guild Wars, but I'm not a PvPer. I have another topic that I posted awhile back about free mmo's, but some of those arent totally free.        If you don't know any F2P games, but have tried Eudemons, please let me know what you think of it. Thanks in advance!!


  • XaspherousXaspherous Member UncommonPosts: 379

    Check out our game list for more F2P MMO's. Link: Game List

    I have played Eudemons in closed beta and some in the open beta, but I found it very boring.

  • SephexSephex Member Posts: 3
    i played eudemons last week  the game is crap no such tutorial and such but then its in beta state so i cant put it down to much but as the last poster said yes i found it boring within about 15 mins and p00f it was deleted from my pc :D
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