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HUMM - a new game suggestion

humm yeh well, i was sat at home drinking coffee when i came up with an idea fo a new mmorpg. Its about this..well basically you choose what race you want to be, customize your charator with its name and looks. Then when you play you basically have to try and take over things like places and world and kill anything in the way. But the only people you can trust to fight with is your fellow race members. In clans or armies you can fight for realms worlds places and space stations e.c.t. any thoughts? it was just a random idea that came to me


  • XaspherousXaspherous Member UncommonPosts: 379

    Sorry to tell you this, but your ideas have already been take by some MMO's.::::21::

  • swiftfireswiftfire Member Posts: 16
    was that a joke?  were you being sarcastic?

    Because if not maybe you should spend more time playing and less time drinking coffee

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