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"Build a Guild" temp forum site

TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

Looks like we have some interest.

I made a temp forum on MSN. Please give your input there.

Thanks all.



  • LanmoragonLanmoragon Member Posts: 994
    I'll set up an account with MSN and post there tomorrow, too tired right now.

    Hopefully I can choose what type of class I want to play.  Considering this will most likely be my last chance trying to get hooked on the game I sorta want to go with a class that can lvl fairly quickly compared to other classes.  Any tips?

  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

    I would think everyone here would agree on "play what you want" train of thought. I don't see this as a WoW-like raid, application, perfect build, better have the right gear guild. L2 pretty easily fits most playstyles.

  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

    If you are interested in forming this new guild please drop a note on the temp site. We need more input. We need to pick a name, pick a GM, and know who to look for once the server opens.

    There are alot of positive replies of people coming and saying they are interested in the other thread 

  • DarwaDarwa Member UncommonPosts: 2,181
    I'm interested mate, but I won't use msn.

    I plan to make a warcryer (I love playing them) and I'll let you know the name as soon as I make him.

  • pedrocascapedrocasca Member Posts: 2
    Hi guys!

    My first post in MMORPG.com
    Just to tell im interesyed in joining this clan.
    I already puted some info on the msn.
    Gonna be a TH
    Cya in game.
  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

    The Sept 6 is almost here.............

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