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Private Servers?

TuutobTuutob Member Posts: 607
I dunno if they are legal or not, but I have just heard from a friend that they are not the actual game, but fun nonetheless.

Please don't ban my account for being curious, I just wnat to know if anyone here plays on one. If so, is it good? Because I have high school and I wouldn't be able to play enough to make a monthly fee worth it, and I want something fun to do in my spare time.



  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,106
    I admit I did try a private server... But I quit like after playing for like 5-6 hours of it... Private servers are buggy, crashes a lot, and plus there are barely enough people to do anything.


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  • TuutobTuutob Member Posts: 607
    I don't mind much

    happen to have the link for the one you tried?

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