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Job/career suggestions

So here i am after 12 years at the same place of employment.Im still employed BUT im looking for new work.So mmorpg community i need suggestions.

Keep in mind the wife has told me i can work parttime in the VERY near future.She works at home for IBM and Makes considerably more than me.With my daughter going to school very soon the plan is for me to drop off and pickup and help her with homework etc etc.

I look forward to this as i DESPISE working.I see it as a neccesary evil in the wolrd but a collosal waste of time.

So what i need is suggestions for work.

What do you do?Give me the pro's and con's of what you do and how much it pays.

Why am i doing this?Because sometimes in the job hunt a person gets locked into a certain way of thinking.So in order for me to think outside the box i look to YOU.


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  • KhuzarrzKhuzarrz Member Posts: 578

    Stay a student forever! That's my plan... Learning ftw!

    Otherwise, what are your skills?

  • Vertex1980Vertex1980 Member Posts: 951
    Sling burgers @ Mc Donalds and have some pimply faced 16 year old boss tell you what to do. 

  • EnigmaEnigma Member UncommonPosts: 11,384

    If you have a college degree I would suggest you to work for Target. Crazy, I know, but here is my reasoning:

    1.  The lowest possible form of managment can get you paid around 29K an hour (that is with no college degree and minimal experience)

    2. The management positions at the target stores that requires degrees starts at 39K (or depending on where you live.... West coast it's 49K i believe)...im going on Midwest figures.And if you are currently in college, they have internship programs where, if they like you in the end, you get the exec position right then and there.

    3. One level above that management is 69K (midwest)

    4. Store manager is 115K

    5. District manager is 175K

    I basically started at Target about a year ago and Im making more money that I had when I was a teacher, priest, and cop.  I do have some degrees so I am on step 2 working on steps to get to step 4 by next year.

    At Target, if you do your job well and don't slack around you'll get promoted like wildfire. In fact, they have you fill out a destination promotion chart after your 6 months to give yourself and them a timeline on your career there.

    Last year, I took the lowest end form of management and Im at lvl 2 now (only been working there about 7 months). Also, there 401K is great. They match dollar for dollar up to 5% AND they give you a retirement pension plan (most companies do one or the other...Target does both)

    I started my job there making about 28K a year (low salary i know....but I made that decision to go that route and took a big pay cut doing so) and seven months later I am making around 43K. Not many places will give you a pay increase like that.

    My store manager and district manager are making plans for me to reach Store Manager this time next year. So that'll be 43K to over 115K.

    Retail can suck sometime but most people don't realize that the management lvl pays you a helluva lot of money.  You have to get with the big companies to make that tho (like Wal*Mart, Target, etc). A little shopping mall retail store wont pay you crap.

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