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loking for a f2p mmorpg to play!

  1. My runescape membership just ended yesterday() and i really want to try a better f2p game


  • flamer4everflamer4ever Member Posts: 6

    if you like the 3D games play:silkroad,knight online,flyff
    and 2D games:maplestory,trickster(it is close beta)
    shooting game:gunbound(great chating game)
    flying game:space cowboy
    strategy fighting game:rakion
    (those are the one the best free games till now)

    or if you want to wait there is a game called pirate king online it is a cool pirate game will be open beta at 15 september,and if you are lucky you may get a invication key for close beta,you will see the infomation in the

    sry i dont have browse games like runscape

    have fun

  • Torlok1Torlok1 Member Posts: 1
    If your looking for a fantasy mmorpg you can try a game called Last Choas. Its pretty good, along the lines of guild wars. You might also try out Entropia Universe. Its a Sci-Fi based mmorpg that you can earn RL money through, though I must admit that earning credits in the game is not very easy and at low levels it is very much a grind.
  • kiyamankiyaman Member Posts: 3
    If your looking for a good rpg game online you can go to adventure quest at

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  • BenAznBenAzn Member Posts: 18

    whatever you do don't play {Hero Online} this game was fun for about 2 weeks then turned into

    all the new good f2p games are still in beta but you should look into cabal or supreme destiny


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