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I think this week's Senate Report can be summed up in two words.......


  • Wildcat84Wildcat84 Member Posts: 2,304
    Leaked Senate posts?

    You mean there is a rat amongst the mice?

  • RekrulRekrul Member Posts: 2,961
    Disruption of communication can only mean one thing.

  • Pappy55Pappy55 Member Posts: 45
    Since when has there been cominication with the comunity?

  • ReachwindReachwind Member Posts: 275

    I can sum it up in one word;


    Former SWG beta tester and player

  • Wildcat84Wildcat84 Member Posts: 2,304
    Two words, self flagulation.

  • bedolla3401bedolla3401 Member Posts: 293
    i have a better word:  SUCKS
  • XcathdraXcathdra Member CommonPosts: 1,027

    Kristen didn't seem all that happy about not getting any response about the continuing issue....


    Having access to a billion $ IP - Billions of dollars..
    Having access to a massive fan base of said IP - Even more Billons...
    Singly handedly alienating them due to stupidity - Priceless.

  • MinimumMinimum Member UncommonPosts: 236

    Who Cares?

    Really, all the "report" is, is BS anyway.  We talked about blah blah blah....but nothing on what was actually said.

    As for Helios, again who cares?  It is clear they already had decided on what the new system would be, they just wanted to act like they wanted input.  Clearly they don't.  If they did they would have put it out there for the public.

    They continue to be uncaring tools.   I keep hoping to see them all as unemployment statistics.  Maybe someday...

  • ShaydeShayde Member Posts: 4,529
    "Jerk" and "Circle"

    But not in that order.

    Shayde - SWG (dead)
    Proud member of the Cabal.

    It sounds great, so great in fact, I pitty those who canceled :( - Some deluded SWG fanboi who pities me.
    I don't like it when you say things. - A Vanguard fan who does too.

  • ClackamasClackamas Member Posts: 776
    Never mind, I change the schema of my browser.

  • anaicanaic Member Posts: 409

    Originally posted by Clackamas
    what was in the report?  I didn't see it... do tell... what are they gonna mess up this time?

    The link to it is in my original post.
  • Wildcat84Wildcat84 Member Posts: 2,304

    Originally posted by Shayde
    "Jerk" and "Circle"

    But not in that order.


    I sense the Elites amongst us are pissed that the Deities they worship aren't responding to them.

    Of course, their pitiful band has no real purpose anyway.

    NO RESPONSE represents them having a tizzy hissy and the most they will ever protest.

    Of course, a lot of the questions they got NO RESPONSE to had obvious answers that are against what they clearly wanted.


    When the Devs give NO RESPONSE it is never good for the players.  They are only NOW realizing this?

  • GotCobolGotCobol Member Posts: 13
    could someone post the senators report, I am 1/3 of the way though a 20K minute ban and IP ban at that for

    "Trolling and asking for a rollback" last week.

    9/4/2006, Good Bye SOE Good Luck with the Craptastic NGE

  • ClackamasClackamas Member Posts: 776

    Originally posted by anaic

    No response 

    Helios is just being a sword god-modder.....
  • Plasuma!!!Plasuma!!! Member Posts: 1,872
    You know it's going to die soon. Not even the most dedicated fanbois can remain loyal for very long after this.
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