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Warrior Nation United Recruiting

ZeroDepthZeroDepth Member Posts: 142

Warrior Nation United a new up and coming section in the thriving gaming community Warrior Nation of over 1500+ members and 50+ gaming sections is recruiting new members for our recently established Corporation.

To qualify as a Warrior Nation United candidate you must meet the following.

-  1.5 million sp minimum
-  Active/dedicated player
- Team Speak is a plus, but not required.

Services - Warrior Nation United has a wide variety of goods available for sale as well.  If you are interested in learning more about the goods available for sale, contact any of the below for availability and price quote.

If you're interested and meet the above requirements, contact our Recruiter or any of the below for the next step in joining Warrior Nation United.

Recruiter - karrea
Leader - Hitomi Tes
Officer - Dracu1a

Goodluck, and see you in-game soon.

Mirage Kisaragi


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