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NicooNicoo Member UncommonPosts: 236

Is it worth the month cost?
Im thinking of buying it.
Since Im so bored at WoW now.
And want another game, so ppl that play D&D, is it worth it?
Explain why if :-)

EDIT: No need, i saw there is a 7 day trial ;p.
Ill just test that ^^,



  • kaikaikaikai Member Posts: 40
    even if your trying it, bear in mind that the game cap is 10, when rule books published long before the gme was concived, have rules to get charicters to over level 30.

    turbine, the developers of that game, were lazy.
    they didnt let druids and monks in because the engine they made for the game 'doesnt support shape shifting'

    when you make a game.. you should make the engine to allow features you KNOW will eb in the game.. its common sence..

    stupid stupid.

    anyway, to me, that game is a poorly made attempt of making a gmorpg, and charging a monthly fee for it.
    guildwars has more features and playablity and doesnt charge for it.

    the only thing you pay for in D&DO is basicly the D&D logo, other than that, its just a lame attempt of making a buck in the game market.

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