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Fate's End

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Fate’s End History

Fate by definition
Fate: A: the supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events.
B: the inevitable events predestined by this force.
C: final result or consequence; an outcome. Unfavorable destiny; doom.

Our History
Two fellow comrades from a perilous age of power and grief broke free from their once empiric order. Unsure of where to turn, the two formed an order of their own. The name fate was chosen because of the inevitable events that lead to their retirement from their former order and also the creation of this newfound order. Destiny formed a path for them that lead to a world known as Dread sometime around the beginning of the age of strife. The order started small and grew daily. Within a few months time this new guild had not only grown in numbers but had also proven themselves on the battlefield and economically. They had built a vast city known as Ole’ Fateful. The city had two major sections, a north branch that focused strictly on the training and strengthening of fighting skills. The south side was a fruitful market where any type of weapons, armors, and even a wide supply of magical elements could be found. It was rumored that even their enemies came to shop in Fatefuls’ markets late at night disguised as nobleman and priests. Over time the age of strife proved true as war after war brought turmoil to their lands. Eventually the opposition was on such a offensive run that the there was no time for work, parties, or market sharing. It became a full time job defending the walls of Ole’ Fateful. With proud and great precision the empire of Fate’s End had successfully warded off siege after siege. It was not until the dark plague struck that Fate had felt the pain. Eventually the population of not only Fate’s End but of Dread as well had dropped to less than a quarter of its original peak. Eventually the world of Dread was destroyed by the mighty hand that had destroyed many other worlds like it. Fate’s End lost many members to this. Currently we stand together as waiting to submerge into a new world and carry on our plan. If only fate could bring us there sooner!

"Destiny decides your fate before the battle has begun"
Fate's End Homepage

We are gladly accepting applications for new recruits...come stop by and drop a line on the forums!

"Destiny decides your fate before the battle has begun"
Fate's End Homepage

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