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Want to have a good laugh?  Go to links, access their site, and look at their screenies............LOLOLOLOLzzzzzz.  The graphics are beyond crap. It reminds me of the very first RPG games I played back in the early 80s.  Nintendo and 25 cent arcade games had better graphics than this.

Dr. B



  • Dragao55Dragao55 Member Posts: 22
    just 1 thing 
    are this guys joking ?.....
    We are in 2006 sec XXI This ?......

    Ps: sorry bad english

    have Fun

  • t5christ5chris Member Posts: 19
    Wow look at all of those polygons. 
  • Archon2021Archon2021 Member Posts: 51

    Originally posted by t5chris
    Wow look at all of those polygons. 
    Haha, thats funny.  This game looks aweful, and I hear theres an actual guild going for it.  You cant pass a game with those graphics in 2006.  Its just sad.

    Archon @ Warhammer Alliance

  • gatherisgatheris Member UncommonPosts: 1,016
    on top of that their forum seems to have been hacked


  • KillerJimmyKillerJimmy Member Posts: 216

    Originally posted by t5chris
    Wow look at all of those polygons. 

    What's wrong with square character models?! lol

    In other news: it is bad practice to leave a hacked page up for multiple days, let alone weeks. Forums are still there and still hacked.

  • DelfolioDelfolio Member Posts: 21
    Wow, saw the first few pics and made me think of old EQ days *sigh*.  Then I continued on and saw what would make EQ roll over  in its grave.
  • twiztid19twiztid19 Member Posts: 44
    Looks like a work in the process left out to rot.. a very.. bad work.. Lol This is horrible.. looks like a 17 year old just learning how to make a game lol
  • TheHelperTheHelper Member Posts: 108

    There are stuff you dont want to see in your life... this is probly as bad as seeing a 102 year old naked in your bed...       

  • 180digi180digi Member Posts: 4
    Originally posted by Delfolio

    Wow, saw the first few pics and made me think of old EQ days *sigh*.  Then I continued on and saw what would make EQ roll over  in its grave.
    I was just going to say this looked like a direct ripoff of Classic EverQuest. hahaha!


  • PwndStarPwndStar Member Posts: 111

    Wow what a waste of time and money. I hope this isn't a P2P game.

    age of conan

  • gamerman98gamerman98 Member UncommonPosts: 804
    whats even funnier is that i cant even get onto the site....says the connection to the site timed out...HAHAHAHHA nad this happened RIGHT after i read this thread lol
  • GeekyGeeky Member UncommonPosts: 270


    Have you guys/gals seen those ESPN commericals, where the people are talking sports out of their Asses, as a way to show they don't have a clue as to what is really going on.

    You all remind me of those commericals.

    Screens are one thing, why don't you read up on a game before coming over here and talking ouf of you ass.

  • gamerman98gamerman98 Member UncommonPosts: 804


    Hey dude do you remember that time when the one gamer told the other gamer "STFU n00b!" HAHAHA ya that sooooo reminds me of you lol.....

  • maggotANUBISmaggotANUBIS Member Posts: 76
    just stating the obvious here....

  • heathenkniteheathenknite Member Posts: 15

    the rating is really low and i can agree with some of u guys

  • AriocArioc Member Posts: 299

    Looks very much like EQ1 graphics when it was first released. Maybe a bit more earthtone pallet, but basicly it looks like EQ1 used to.

    Arioc Murkwood
    Environment Artist
    Sad but true.

  • ZiminatorZiminator Member Posts: 16

    LOL this game looks so gay.

  • A.BlacklochA.Blackloch Member UncommonPosts: 837

    When is this game coming out? It looks pretty neat. WoW and it's upcoming clone WAR is going to eat dirt once this babe pops out.

  • alenbobialenbobi Member Posts: 15

    OMFGWTF is this ?? It's like a piece of shit !

  • njdevi66njdevi66 Member UncommonPosts: 220

    WOW, is this a game thats really being made ? This looks like it a game that would have been made 15 or so years ago. I hope this company doesn't really think its going to get far with this POS


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