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Anyone Playing This?



  • voltron1voltron1 Member Posts: 4

    it was late when I posted, so I didn't get a chance to download DS again before I went to bed.  Most of my comments were in regard to 1.483 version of the game, but your reply makes it sound like 484 has released. Is it true?  Is two weeks finally over?  I'm heading over to pale star right now!!! I warn you Draf, if you got my hopes up for nothing I shall return and flame the crap out you(j/k) .

  • voltron1voltron1 Member Posts: 4's still 483   Hopefully, it's an updated version of 483 but, it doesn't matter because i still really liked the game.  Draf, since you are apparently watching this thread, how about prodding F in to sending me a new password.  I had some trouble getting my username and pass to work.  I messed up and thought i had the pass wrong and clicked for a new password, when actually i was using the wrong username.  Now i can't login until I get the new password. 

  • voltron1voltron1 Member Posts: 4

    hmmm..I requested a new password hours ago and haven't gotten a reply. I tried to create a new account and haven't gotten a reply to that either.  Is DS down or are you really holding my post against me Draf?

  • seanseanseansean Member Posts: 119

    This game is actually pretty good; It's the community that made me uninstall. Waiting for JGE/STO.

  • smith_nullsmith_null Member Posts: 2


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