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Trojan Jackals Are Recruting

TSSKevlarTSSKevlar Member Posts: 23

Hey everyone

Trojan Jackal are recruting we have

a 24/7 ventrillo server so if you have a mic that is excellent

and a website

we are a clan not just a corp so we have a ranking system and here to have some seruious fun .. post back

Thank You




  • Zorac12Zorac12 Member Posts: 2

    Hello Kevlar,

    I am interested in getting to know more about your clan (corp).  I like the idea that you say you are a clan.  I have 2 good friends of mine and we play together on Eve.  We are looking for a Corp. to join where we can be a clan so to speak and participate together as well as help eachother.  Please send me an ingame mail or post to this.

    Thank you,


  • TSSKevlarTSSKevlar Member Posts: 23

    yeah ok m8 well when eve starts back up again as we are having probles with the update by the looks of things if not m8 add me on xfire alh030588   or msn [email protected] 

    talk soon m8


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