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Account creation problem

whtranger7whtranger7 Member Posts: 33

I am having a prob creating an account and this is all i get on step 4 of the progress (the completion step).

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e2f'

'ThangMain.dbo.Userinfo_tb' ???, 'uid' ?? NULL ?? ??? ? ????. ??? null? ??? ? ????. INSERT?(?) ??????.

/account/include/account_body4_1.asp, line 78


  • und3siredund3sired Member Posts: 11
    I Can't Get On it Either, i've Tried A Million Times, But it Still NEVER WORKS!
    Have you tried To E-Mail THANG Yet? I might Do That Right Now.
    Pls, Reply. :D

  • whtranger7whtranger7 Member Posts: 33
    I have E-mailed him about the problem and he hasnt responded yet and im hoping my dad will be able to help(hes good with computer lingo). If thang does respond, ill post what he said for ya.
  • und3siredund3sired Member Posts: 11
    Yess, Thank-you Sooo Much!
    Have You Ever played THANG before?
    I haven't But it Looks Really Good From Reviews And Screenshots.

  • whtranger7whtranger7 Member Posts: 33
    I will agree with u but the best reason im playing is that it is totally free from what i hear and its a pretty good game to be free. but what is wierd is that they have a payment option (prob to make members or something like runescape does.
  • und3siredund3sired Member Posts: 11
    Yeah, I Used To Play Runescape, Adventure Quest, Then HabboHotel, Lol. I Got Rich on There Then Got Bored of it, And Was Just Looking Around, And This game looked pretty Cool.

    Anyways, Do you Know When They Will E-Mail back or Anything?

  • whtranger7whtranger7 Member Posts: 33

    Yeah prob from a day to 2 weeks. they usually respond in a day or 2 but this problem keeps coming up so it might take a little longer. hey do u have the same problem creationg your account like in the first post??? or do u have a similar one?

  • und3siredund3sired Member Posts: 11
    Exact Same Thing.
    It Sucks.
    I hope They Fix it Soon, At First i Thought It Was I put Something In Wrong Like Zip Code, or Something. So i Did That Like A Million Times, And it Came Up With The Same Thing.
    Ahh, Well.. i Can Wait (NotReally)
    Habbohotel Is Boring Now.
    And I Try To Resist Going back To Runescape.
    The Good Thing About This Is, it's SO Cheap if you Want To Buy Lune or Something!
    [[What is Lune Anyways]]?

  • whtranger7whtranger7 Member Posts: 33
    IDK what loon is but it sounds like a currancy of the game or something but i thought that was dein. oh well. Well if your to bored then u can play a fishing and chatting game called Oz. i think its one of those advertisements on Thang. Im playing it right now, yes it might be boreing but it will waste time till the problem is fixed.
  • und3siredund3sired Member Posts: 11
    I Shall Do That.
    :D What's your guys Name?

  • whtranger7whtranger7 Member Posts: 33

    Belive it or not he goes by StickFish lol. well ill be seeing u in the game. ttul or in the game lol.

  • und3siredund3sired Member Posts: 11
    WAIT What's The Website Name?

  • und3siredund3sired Member Posts: 11

  • whtranger7whtranger7 Member Posts: 33
    well idk if im allowed to say this but the website is Well download and create an account ill be w8ting by the respawn point so dont move. in this game ther is no paying either. please tell me what your name is gonna be.
  • und3siredund3sired Member Posts: 11
    Are you there?
    I just Woke Up
    It's 7:40 now in The Morning.

  • KarimlanKarimlan Member Posts: 11
    Dien is the currency of the game that revolves in buying normal items, skills and equipments from NPCs. Lune is a special currency bought from real money with an average conversion of 1000 Lunes per dollar. This Lune can be used to buy special items not sold in dien which helps a player to powerlevel his character with less difficulty. But nevertheless, you can survive the game using dien but will just take a little more time than buying lune. Items bought through lune can be vended/traded with dien which has an average conversion of 1,500 dien per 1 lune, I think.
  • whtranger7whtranger7 Member Posts: 33
    Thx for posting that. will be really helpful in the game even tho ill just stick with dien.
  • KarimlanKarimlan Member Posts: 11
    Glad to help. Just ask some questions and I will answer all of them with my utmost ability and whenever I'm logged in on this site.

    Anyway, sticking with dien is a good thing as I always asked most veteran players in game, "What did you accomplish in buying lune?", most replied, " Nothing much at all."

    The game is one of the easiest mmorpgs to accumulate dien due to the fact that even the simpliest drops of low level monsters are worthy items used for refining by high levelled avatars, and when we talk about "high levelled" that means they can afford to buy your vended items at a "reasonable" price instead of killing monsters to collect them. Most veteran players with precious equipments accumulated their wealth thru levelling instead of what they were doing a long time ago, buying lune and trading/selling them for dien. This led them nowhere coz the process just made them too lazy levelling up which is the main purpose to enjoy the game and they thought that buying lunes will be beneficial until they found out that you can get rich faster if you are high levelled, killing tougher monsters with precious drops (from Crystal of Mir mostly worth 3 million to Piece of Sun which is a whopping 45 million dien averagely).

  • AnyandrellAnyandrell Member Posts: 12

    Sorry to burst your bubble. At higher level you CAN'T play without lune items (lune pots, lune rings, etc) so you are obliged to buy lune items. Either yourself buying lune or by making enough dien to buy from someone who buys lune, but you can't go do anything without those.

    As it stands right now, the drop rate is really insufficient for accumulating enough dien to make it on your own to a higher level with no help. Simply due to the rarity of the drops of refine items for high level armor as well as the high rate of failing when upgrading. How many drops of Racaoo, Arang or Karisha armor will you have for ONE crystal of mir? Got any idea? I can tell you, at least 50.

    Skills? You have 6 (SIX) for the Rians, 7 (SEVEN) for the Kanhoas - including the pongpairan, and 9 (nine) for the On-du-Sham - including the Lontabara and Paramara. You think it stands any comparison with a lot of the free-to-play with item mall mmorpgs out there?

    Unique features? what are those? I fail to see them, sorry.

    Where are we going and why am I in this basket?

  • VivavonVivavon Member Posts: 7
    Originally posted by whtranger7

    IDK what loon is but it sounds like a currancy of the game or something but i thought that was dein. oh well. Well if your to bored then u can play a fishing and chatting game called Oz. i think its one of those advertisements on Thang. Im playing it right now, yes it might be boreing but it will waste time till the problem is fixed.

    This has nothing to do with Thang, this is about Oz.

    I quit Oz because I sucked at it and because every time I tried to go fishing some guy would put his arms around me. lolz...

    AND because the HAIRSTYLES required LEVELS!!

    It was so weird..... I guess it's ok, but personally I wouldn't recommend Oz. lol


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