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Its ok

sherwinjtbsherwinjtb Member Posts: 17

I actually started this game because a friend from Diablo2x played it also. I made a Rian to level 131 and haven't played in over a year. The community is ok and there seems to be a fair amount of posts in the forums. The game is still free, with optional lune items.

The game is improving slowly... I believe there are still speed hacks that hasn't been fixed. You can level up your characters to very high levels... so far highest characters are 160+, but you'd probably get bored by then lolz.

If you're not worried about being rushed, then this game is cool. Plenty of time to make alot of good friends, pretty much most people's excuses for staying in the game is because of the friends they made... no matter how boring the game gets. Many people shout out noob so don't be too intimidated.

There's perhaps 2-3 npcs that people would get mad over, that would be where you can refine your items. When refining items to +1-9, your items can break and disappear. Scary huh...

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