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Inferno Network - Introducing a Aion Fansite.

DisturbingDisturbing Member Posts: 25

I mentioned it to my team on the quality of the game this is becoming and they took a good look at it. They loved it as much as I do.  We decided to add an Aion Fansite to our website.  Plans are still being made and information is still being researched, but I'd like to announce it so we can make the "Fans" of the fansite add their own little taste to it.

Adminsitrator/Researcher/Owner - Disturbing

Graphics Designer - Erie

Coder/Scripter - Godson

Head Forum Moderator - Nihk


If you believe you have a contribution in the team please e-mail me with your qualifications and reasons why you'd like to join us.

[email protected]


Please post things you would want to see in the fansite so we can make it perfect for the fans, thanks for your contribution!



  • DisturbingDisturbing Member Posts: 25

    LOL disreguard that poll, I was just testing how it looks and now wont allow me to delete it!! Ahh, but yes we were thinking of doing video comentary and other good stuff like that so, the 4th vote please pretend that says "all three" LOL.



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