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Worst game ever!

DrakeVDrakeV Member Posts: 11

Sorry i can't play this because the game has no support for gamers...

The game comes bugged and you can't connect because the nProtect got errors and guess what!? No support and you just think... *Cool i spent like 1 hour downloading (slow FTP servers on website) and now this game CAN'T work... and no1 can help*

That's my opinnion any1 that ever played this show me the way to play cuz its imposible!


  • grogmastergrogmaster Member Posts: 3
    well the game aint that bad but too much people hacks and i get the same fucking error :/

  • chun4chun4 Member Posts: 1

    haha well, I dunno about the american version, but the other version works perfectly fine  ~

    haha, well, at the same time, the other version is the korean version, and to make an account there, you need your social security pass ^^;; but!- the good thing is that since you need something so important, it's like a privet account and you can NEVER get hacked XD!!! that AND it's pretty fast X3

    the website is but REMEMBER!!!  it's a korean site so you might have a hard time going through everything ??;; ^^;; 

    first, on the very far left side, you'll see a subject of RPGs, and see something written like this: ????... or something close to that... then you'll see the space for putting your id and password... oh but of course, you'll have to make an account first... oh... I have to go now ??... 

  • TyPhoidLuLuTyPhoidLuLu Member Posts: 23
        tried it...done freakin` bored of it in just an hour...
  • WisebutCruelWisebutCruel Member Posts: 1,089

    Originally posted by chun4

    but!- the good thing is that since you need something so important, it's like a privet account and you can NEVER get hacked XD!!!

    Anyone who believes that and tries to get others to believe that deserves it when they get hacked. Nothing is unhackable. Hell, Nprotect does half the job for you. chun4, if this is the kind of advice you give people, you need to disconnect from the internet and try selling swamp land in the Nevada desert. You'll have much better success.

    As far as the Korean versions of any game that require SSN numbers, you can put any numbers you want and it will work. Putting your own SSN number or ANY personal identification number in is the biggest form of stupidity anyone could accomplish. The Koreans are forced to put in their numbers because of an overzealous government. And I'll bet you even some of them put in false ones.

    As for the game itself, all I can say is there are better free games out there and much better pay2play games out there. Not being able to play this one should be looked at as a blessing, not a curse.

  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack Member Posts: 1,362

    This game is hosted by joymax...

    go look at silkroads forum for a sneak peak of how joy max runs things...and now they want our ss# lol i wouldnt trust joymax with my login name and password after silkroad

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