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Great game!

RSmastaRSmasta Member Posts: 29

Hi all

Some of you are so stupid,  how can you say RS is a crap game?   You probably haven't even tried to play it right!   I've played a few MMORPG's, such as WoW and Star Wars Galaxies, and this game just entertains me more for some or no reason.   If you don't like this game, keep away from this dam forum because the people who LIKE RS don't want to listen to your bull shit.   RS sacrificed graphics for fun, and succeded.


  • knightknifeknightknife Member Posts: 384
    this will attract more haters than repel them...i know this cause im one of them. and yes i did play the game. got to level 90 than got a life

  • SufferswordSuffersword Member Posts: 35
    Runescape Rocks!

  • SufferswordSuffersword Member Posts: 35
    Calm down about your first post, you shouldnt cuss... 

  • carpsycocarpsyco Member Posts: 95
    Youre right runescape is a great game, i have played many other games but will always come back to Runescape.
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  • sparky7483sparky7483 Member Posts: 159
    Look, I respect the fact that u like runescape, but this forum is 4 all of us 2 voice our opinions. So plz just let us RS haters be.

    Life is full of choices--dont make RS one of em
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