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Just curious?  The contest ended last week.  When will winners be announced?


  • Z[MMOsmart]Z[MMOsmart] ATITD RepresentativeMember UncommonPosts: 82
    The Winners will be announced in this week's ATITD newsletter.

    As well as here a few days after.

  • OuisimOuisim Member Posts: 6

    need s ome help writing the Newsletter -- give me a jingle. 

    Quit holding us few storytellers in suspense--who won?

  • dnloretodnloreto Member Posts: 2

    For those that haven't subscribed A Tale in the Desert's newsletter, it was out two days ago. It has a topic with the result of this contest.

    ******* Quoting the Newsletter *****
    My Tale Contest Winner and Runner Up

    It was very hard for the judges, especially since the stories where so
    different. We thank everyone who entered. All the stories can be viewed at:

    Winner - Forum's Name: dnloreto          Story: As I fly over Egypt...
    Runner Up - Forum's Name:  Ouisim     Story: The Tale of Ten and Tang
    ******* End quote ******

    Congratulations to all those that participated. :)

  • Z[MMOsmart]Z[MMOsmart] ATITD RepresentativeMember UncommonPosts: 82


    Thanks , the newsletter was late in coming. Congratulations on winning. One of
    the quotes on your piece was:

    " gave the essence of the game, which is so hard to describe." 

    If the winners would please contact me I would appreciate it.

  • wy2005620wy2005620 Member Posts: 3
    maybe it"s me
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