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cedoricedori Member Posts: 500

I don't no how hard this would be, but I always like to see who is online in a forum.  I've seen some with members and guest, but don't no if this is for a site that has donations or not.  Just a thought.



  • phantiumphantium Member UncommonPosts: 214
    Well first of all, i endorse this feature.

    But in the other hand it takes more server load & memory. image


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  • cedoricedori Member Posts: 500
    I was afraid that might be the issue, but thought I would add it to the list. Oh well, never hurts and thanks for the information.

  • AdminAdmin Administrator RarePosts: 5,622

    It would actually not be very resource intensive given the nature of our forums.  I designed them to run from memory already and I keep all the users in memory as well...so it would just be a matter of checking you out of one forum and into another as you browse around....

    Thanks Cedori, I will look into this one :)

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