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Repost of Proffessions....

GedanGedan Member Posts: 22

It is based on the Ming Dynasty in China, at the peak of its power during which samurai, assassins/ninja, Shaolin monks all existed

Let me introduce you to 9 Dragons.....

It is a martial arts-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game set during a period of great turmoil when China's great clans were forced to rely upon their unique philosophies and the related fighting techniques for survival.

It is generally thought to have originated around 1600 AD, founded by a boxer named Wang Lang. Seeking to improve his skills, he had journeyed from his home in Shantung province to the Shaolin temple at Honan. While there, he happened to witness a battle in which a mantis defeated a far larger opponent, a cicada. Hoping to learn from the insect, the fighter took it back to his quarters and studied its movements, combining them with his previous training and footwork derived from the monkey style.

If you strive to honor all living things, then commit your mind body and soul to Buddhism, and join the ranks of the legendary...

Shaolin.... (no women allowed)


Luohan monks - These are the individuals who excel at external strength. They train hard to develop their bodies and master not only unarmed styles, but also weapons and powerful combination attacks.

Chi-han monks- Chi-han accentuate their internal power. Some are so skilled that they can use vocal skills combined with their internal Chi to strike enemies at a long distance. Their Chi enables them to absorb damage that would have hurt any normal, untrained person.

iii Jingang monks - These monks specialize in healing using their internal powers and knowledge. They are also skilled in fist fighting, and they are great to have on a team if you are going anywhere dangerous - which in 9Dragons, means anywhere!

iv. Deva monks - These are a unique form of Shaolin. They tend to be loners, and as such, they have developed their internal skills not only in fist fighting, at which they excel, but also at self-healing. Their reflective skills make them very appropriate for solo play.

If Shaolin is not your cup of tea, and maybe "saki" is, then try the path of...



i. Vanguard Beggers- Vanguards are great brawlers. They understand the drunken monkey fighting style and can also use staves with great power.

ii. Dragon fighters - Dragon fighters use Chi or inner spiritual power to enhance their fighting abilities. Although physically weak, they use mind skills to increase their defense or absorb a physical attack.

iii. Healers - Healers only have a few fighting skills, but can help other players by healing them. They can also increase others' health or defense temporarily, or cure internal or external wounds. Healers are especially essential when player parties want to explore dungeons or to engage in battles with other parties or guilds.

iv. Spiritual fighters - They are the jack of all trades. They can use drunken monkey fighting, strengthen themselves with their Chi and even heal themselves. However, remember - jack of all trades, master of none!.

If you live life by the sword, then the ranks of the may be for you...


The Wu-Tang skills are based on the Great Absolute. This is the principle of Yin and Yang, where the universe is in balance but also in motion. Yin swallows Yang but is itself absorbed by Yin. Wu-Tang are also called the Clan of Heavenly Swords. In practice, this means that their skills are in harmony with the principles of nature. Wu-Tang skills emphasize smoothness and flowing moves. But mastering Wu-Tang skills generally takes more time because of the strong emphasis on mastering the basics.


i Blue Dragons - These are the backbone of the Wu-Tang fighting power. They learn 'Cloud sword' and 'Wind sword' related skills that give them extra speed and power.

ii Black Turtles- They embody the tough spirit of Wu-Tang. They have learned how to handle Chi flawlessly and they protect themselves using Chi protective skills.

iii Red Phoenixes - They need high intelligence to be successful. They help other players using healing and protection skills, but they have a specific attack skill called Tai-Chi fist fighting.

iv. White Tigers - They can learn all the Wu-Tang skills except sword fighting because that requires dedicated training. But it's really hard to master all the skills, so they have to keep learning.

Cut throats, thieves, mercenaries here is your sanctuary...

The Black Clans



i. Warrior bandits- These are some of the toughest men you will ever meet. They are skilled with the spear and the axe, and they use their physical strength and training to take the enemy down in a combat situation. They learn all the spear skills of Lu-Lin, and some of them develop skills for confusing their opponents, especially when they are in their home territory and can use local knowledge of the terrain to their advantage.

ii. Brigands - Brigands do not like to get too close to their enemies. They prefer to strike from a distance, particularly using the height of the mountains to their advantage. They are good at avoiding or absorbing enemy attacks and then striking back with long-range counter-attacks. As a fighting style, this requires patience and tenacity. The brigand does not seek to win with one clever strike, but will wear down his opponent and then finish him off with a killer blow.

iii.Gold-rogues - Rogues are often credited as being the only intelligent class in the Lu-Lin - especially by other rogues! This does not mean that they are weak, but they prefer to use their skills in a group situation. If the Lu-Lin are mounting an attack, they need to take rogues with them in the group. Rogues can heal and help other classes by improving their stats. They also get many skills that help them to protect themselves; a gold-rogue's first job is to look after himself!

iv. Taishan bandits- These are the all-rounders of the Lu-Lin. They excel at scouting off by themselves for long periods of time. They are the loners of the bandit clan. Even for a Lu-Lin, they are very untrusting of others, even though they know how to look after themselves. They use axes for close-range combat and can concentrate their chi for long-range. Being essentially loners, they have also learned to heal themselves.

If you feel that men are inferior to you, then your place is with...

Mi-Gong (no men allowed)


i. Mistress of war - As you would expect from the name, Mistress of war is a very belligerent class! They like to get very up close and personal. They prefer to use flying wheels from a very close range to literally slice up their opponents. Not only are they deadly in close range combat, but they can also use a few mind control skills as disciples of Mi-Gong.

 ii. Mistress of spirit - Watch out for these ladies because they're great at mind control skills. They can use their chi powers to deal long-range attacks. But in contrast to their high inner strength, they are physically relatively weak. Not that that stops them from dominating all around them!

iii Mistress of heaven - They're the most intelligent and considerate disciples of Mi-Gong. They use their skills to help other disciples. They are adept at healing and increasing other people's attacks. But don't mistake gentleness for weakness! Their dagger skills are legendary, and many an opponent, thinking the battle won, has found a black dagger sticking out of his heart!

iv. Mistress of cloud - The Mistresses of cloud tend to be the scouts of the Mi-Gong. Their skills cover all aspects of Mi-Gong fighting skills, and this generalist nature allows them to explore strange environments by themselves. While not as individually skilled as any of the other types, they can learn dagger fighting, healing, mind controlling and long-range skills. However, they need to choose their skills carefully because they are seeking to balance the entire spectrum of Mi-Gong abilities.

Submit your soul to the Demon clan, and all power will be yours....



i. Blood demons - These are the spearhead of the Mo-Jiao fighting force. They are truly fearless, and will attack without hesitation. They are masters of the broadsword and gain special skills such as 'Heavenly demon sword' and 'Infernal sword'.

ii. Storm demons - These are masters of inner spirit skills. They use 'Iron demon' protective skills and 'Gold demon' long-range chi attacks. They are relatively weak in close combat, but never plan to get in that close anyway!

iii. Phantom demons - They have unique evil skills that can absorb opponents' inner power or chi. They are also trained in 'Blood demon' fist fighting skills.

iv. Flame demons- They learn all Mo-Jiao clan skills including sword fighting, but as generalists, they can never attain the same level of mastery as the other types.

If the Martial arts is your love, this online game may be what you have been looking for...

Now... what proffession will you choose?


  • KaphKaph Member Posts: 22

    Thanks alot for the info nice post ^^

    Although over used, Ignorance truly is bliss

  • GedanGedan Member Posts: 22
    Some stuff that has been posted before from IGN, just thought I would post it again.  Im thinking about posting a counter list.   For Example, it looks like... Phantom demons - They have unique evil skills that can absorb opponents' inner power or chi...

    That would not bold well for a Shaolin Monk that uses Chi, Phantom Demons would look to be their counter.
  • AkikiAkiki Member Posts: 95
  • KaphKaph Member Posts: 22

    XD sounds really fun cant wait ::::02::

    Although over used, Ignorance truly is bliss

  • GedanGedan Member Posts: 22

    Same here, the anticipation is killing me :)

  •  if u guys want to see some screenshots, i'll show u some on new screenshots......check it out
  • just one problem, i dunno how to post screenshots................


  • AkikiAkiki Member Posts: 95
    Just go to the screens section, go down to where it says "add a screenshot", click it, click browse, find the picture, and there you go.
  • XsinisterXXsinisterX Member UncommonPosts: 8
    Im really looking forward to the release of this game.... Mistress of heaven is the route i think ill go. 


  • millerhelp0millerhelp0 Member Posts: 223

    Gold rogue seems cool.

  • screen section? where?

  • i only see "add image" that it?...........

  •  oh i even made a chain combo in Ma Jiao.............i'm blood demon combo is not smooth....but it's a very hard hitting combo.... and dang.....skills r real rough.....i won't say it's "beautiful".....cuz wu tang skills r "beautiful"......Ma Jiao skills r killer moves....more action...rough moves....but i like it . u can also make a chain combo as shown in the movie

    like....throwing the blade and catch it back.....kicking and jumping..then slash....etc.

    i decided to join Ma Jiao now. But if u guys want Gai Pan, it's all right too. Gai Pan ppl can boost their power by consuming alcohol. real tough to crack if u can play Gai Pan very good. Ma Jiao is a little complicated in quests so far......DON"T UNDERASTIMATE Lu Lin! for ppl who like to play Lu Lin, i recommand u to use's the best weapon for LuLin.......Lu Lin skills r fast hitting....and Spear makes deadly damages. i m seeing that all person will be the front man( like....blood demon) and there won't be least ...less buffers. but i also recommand u to try buffers too.....cuz buffers and rangers will lvl up fast while doing quests.  there r special monsters too....super strong....they can even kill u in a few shots when u just join clan(cuz ur not strong enough yet). game is kool so far.........but they still have a few glitches......but US version will be smooth, but will lagg more i think....since there will be lots of ppl playing. Less ppl playing game will make the game go smooth with minimum amout of laggin. 

    MONSTERS WILL GANG UP ON U IF U JOIN EVIL CLAN.....i wish they make a few changes for it....cuz when i was playing as WuTang, monsters don't gang up and kill me so often, but in Ma Jaio, they do. they gang up on me a ants......* i think that's what they mean by "watch your back all the time if u join evil clan"*

  • GedanGedan Member Posts: 22
    Interesting to know Count D, what do you know of the Shaolin ?
  •  umm..........Shaolin.........u already know that girls cannot join shaolin,right? But Shaolin can use anytype of weapons that other clans using.......the site describes them us "Master Of
    Weapons". But in viet server, lots of ppl uses "Cresented Spear" in Shaolin......the spear which has the Crab's Claw like end. some even uses staff.....which is not the same as Gai Pan staff.cuz Gai Pan staff is held with one hand. Lots of Shaolin monks in vn server uses 2 handed weapons (maybe they r influenced by movies....i dunno). i don't know much about Shaolin right now.But i'm trying to find out. opposite of Shaolin is that ........all girl clan(i don't remember the name....let's name it Flower clan).Flower clan is not only all girl clan, they should use light weapon(unlike Shaolin) such as claws,ring type weapons...etc.....everyone is gonna get speed running and healing(only the forms and styles r different according to the clans u join.)when Flower clan member uses light weapons, they r very fast.Faster than wu tang sword men. there will also be the places for every clans to meet. and also, the place where only dark clans can meet and other where only white clans can meet. there r lots of maps. u'll love it. different types of monsters on each map. i heard that Shaolin quests r easy too. but this game has easy quests(comparing to other games).But with real quests( cuz in some other games, quests can be done by killing stated amout of monsters.but in 9D, several types of quests(goood quests) such as "Delivery", "Finding items","Kill monsters to get items or just simply hit them till they drop it"(Ma Jiao has a quest like which u have to fight with a super strong monster till he drop quest item.....and trust me,when ur low lvl u can't kill him...he will kill u.....). btw, u can eat food in order to heal. or u can go to Doctor to buy medicine or to let him heal u.if u kill monsters for a long time without healing,u'll see that your Hp cannot go up to original amount (even if u use Healing skill).that's because monsters damaged u(ur wounded).u need doctor to cure that type of damage.
  • GedanGedan Member Posts: 22

    Very, very nice indeed!


  •  glad u enjoy it. btw, about the armors............there r no armors.....just costumes to specify the clan members. clan costumes have not much difference defense pts between each other......of course your noob cloths( the cloths that u have to wear before u join clans) will have lower defense than clan costumes....but after u get the clan costumes, there is not much difference between the costumes anymore.max defense. but if u don't like clan costumes, u can go to a place where u can buy normal cloths with defense as high as clan cloths. weapons and your stat pts r what make u stronger pker or PvPer( lol ). hey like i said, if  u want to join shaolin or Lu Lin, u should use 2 handed weapons.(just my opinion). all the clans r good. so if u waste your thoughts on choosing clans, it's not gonna work. cuz all clans r good in their own ways. what u have to think is how to use your skills wisely. this game has more than 200+ lvls. each class has 12 lvls. so that's a lot!!!! if u r thinking too much on which clan to join,u won't get to see the end of your char.     

  • GedanGedan Member Posts: 22
    Makes alot of sense... what is the name of your avatar on hte official forums of 9Dragons??
  •  Official forum? on which site? European sites? i didn't pose any on there.....but in due time (if i decide to play) i will tell u guys.......cuz i might not play for US verison or not play at all. i have to go back to school. but my char from Ma Jiao (in viet version) is  "BloodDemon". u guys can PM me before 20th of August if u want. but i'll keep posting some hints and advice on this site about the game . u just post your questions here and i'll reply if i know the answers.
  •  i still don't know how to post screenshots that i took on this forum. i suck at this. if i can, i will give my screenshots to any1 of u so that u can post it here. (if any1 post his/her e mail on here) i'll send u a mail with screenshots

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