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Eve Status - Is it down?

subbobsubbob Member Posts: 36
Can't connect to game via client nor can I reach www.eve-online.com; is it down? Or am I just perhaps experiencing a local or regional routing problem?


  • subbobsubbob Member Posts: 36
    Turns out it's a routing problem.  One or more of the atdn.net routers (AOL Transit Data Network) in Dallas are "running hot" (according to their NOC) and that's where my traceroute times out.
  • Firebird1Firebird1 Member Posts: 222

    I can get through the routers fine, at this point in time.  Everything is ok (atleast at the main page)

  • SlitfangSlitfang Member Posts: 3

    I can't get through either, they say that they are expiriencing some down time.

  • Tuor7Tuor7 Member UncommonPosts: 951

    Scheduled extended server maintenance till 9 AM PDT / Noon EDT.

    OTOH, as of 9:05 AM PDT, they're still not up.

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