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  • AdrealAdreal Member Posts: 2,087

    In my 2 years with   
    I've recieved less than 10 emails from members....

    I've received 100.  But that aside, I've also sent 166.

    "Put your foot where your mouth is." - Wisdom from my grandfather
    "Paper or plastic? ... because I'm afraid I'll have to suffocate you unless you put this bag on your head..." - Ethnitrek
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  • methane47methane47 Member CommonPosts: 3,701

    Originally posted by Adreal

    In my 2 years with   
    I've recieved less than 10 emails from members....

    I've received 100.  But that aside, I've also sent 166.

    I've sent 2 So i guess that works...

    What's your Wu Name?
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  • XyangXyang Member Posts: 216

    Originally posted by VixenHeart

    Originally posted by Xyang
    With such an attitude, the only friends you have are probably those who are licking your butt. You didn't make any strong point here and i have followed the whole thread. Try to answer mine with an inteligent counter opinion and i might change my stance. (Look on page 4 or 5)

    To answer your question, I don't have friends who are "licking my butt".  Just because I am blunt and forward with everything doesn't mean I have friends who lick my butt.

    A lot of people actually can't handle someone being up-front and blunt with them.  Try it once and see for yourself.  Walk up to someone and just tell them how you fell about them, they will look at you like you're crazy.

    So that's how I am.  If I don't like something, I make it clear.  If I like something, I make it clear.  What is wrong with that?

    Nothing is wrong with that, as long as you accept the consequence of such behavior, which you don't seem to. You have to realise that you too can be wrong, and that your words or opinion are by no means better then anyone here. Therefore, if you have the guts or the nerve to just throw stuff at people in the face every time you can instead of being diplomatic, that's your call: But don't come here and whine about it after.

    You brought everything on yourself in this thread, including that stupid poll. Now deal with it, or learn or to communicate with people in a way that will make them respect you instead of antagonize you.

    What deserves to be done, deserves to be "well" done...

  • FinweFinwe Member CommonPosts: 3,106

    Locked as per request of OP...

    That and this thread is just a disaster in the making.

    "The greatest trick the devil played on humanity in the 20th century was convincing them that he didn't exist." (Paraphrasing) C.S. Lewis

    "If a mother can kill her own child, what is left before I kill you and you kill me?" -Mother Teresa when talking about abortion after accepting the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979

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