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Good Game, even better people

DenatirDenatir Member Posts: 2

The game is a good game, there are lots of mobs to fight and a massive boss that appears periodically through the day. If you like a point and click game with no strategy, don't play this game, if you like a game that's challenging to make it to high lvls, play this game. There are lots of people that will help you get started if you ask around. Look for the avatars with a [G] next to their names. These are "Guardians", players that will help you get started and understand hotkeys, skills, ect. There are 4 different servers to play on, so the lag usually isn't bad now. (I usually play on "Aerican" so feel free to look me up!!)

It's worth the download, and it's free to play forever. You can opt to buy "lune" from the homepage, but it IS optional and you can make plenty of money in the game to buy what you need. There have been many improvements in the game since the last posting on this forum, and you should check it out.

It's free, so you haven't wasted any money, what have you got to lose???? I'll see ya in the game!!!!

Happy Hunting,


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