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bit of an odd idea

now hear this, now hear this. as i said this is a bit of an odd idea so bear with me.yes yeas i know.

what if one of the staff or older (people who have been here a couple of years) members, start a weekly 'short story' to summerise all the interesting things that have been discused here in a somewhat comical way.

sounds vague i know. but, in an effort to appeal to your egos, all you wonderfuly intelligent, helpful, kind, brutally honest, vindictive, and possibly sumptuous members of MoMoRpG.cometh (lets not forget creative)
could surely come up with a magnificent piece of online literacy that would put all other sites to shame.

and as much as i despise ass kissing of any kind. ::::08::::::08::::::08::::::08::::::08::::::08::::::08::::::08::.

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