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Curious about trying out the game?

ZedusZedus Member Posts: 2

Well, i'll put it bluntly.

To all new and/or disenchanted players out there, check out SB, it's free, and try out the Vindication server. Most mature server (there are exceptions), and with the added lore ruleset (meaning guilds can't just invite any race/any class) makes for very varied and interesting PVP fights.

I myself found a great group, Fellowship of Kenaryn, a light rp centaur guild which are currently growing and starting to form a nation with two other guilds subb'ed to us.

So look it up, heck, there's no other games out there, heh.

-Zoedrekt (Crusader), Zedus (Druid)

P.S. Helpful tip to new players : Find a good guild, cause you'll find out the game will quickly end at level 21 (or at least your enjoyment in it)


  • holycannoliholycannoli Member Posts: 236

    I did the same thing you did, started out on Vindication, saw that the community was very friendly even though it's still a hardcore pvp community, and found a guild.

    I'm having a lot of fun with this game. I'm not sure it's a game I'd want to pay a monthly fee for (something about point and click with no WASD option turns me off to paying a subscription), but it's definitely 1000x better than Guild Wars.

  • SkyraXSkyraX Member Posts: 4

    Hey, I heard about Shadowbane months ago but never cared to try it. Now that theres nothing to do I needed to give something a shot.

     Give me some tips about the website and how to get client with an account?

    This game sounds pretty cool

  • ZedusZedus Member Posts: 2

    Hrm, well, i got the CD from a friend who used to play it way back when, so just installed it from there and then downloaded a huge patch so not too familiar with downloading it.

    Sorry man, hope it won't discourage ya,

    Website :

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