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Auto Assault: Update 2

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

Our friends over at Auto Assault have released a list of things that we can expect to see when they release Update 2. The list, we are told, is subject to change, but it does give us an idea of what they are working on:


  • New Arena Map: Emergence. Emergence is the evolution of Auto Assault deathmatch. Gameplay is more fast-paced, and contains new, more exciting power-ups. Beware the jump ring!
  • New Colliseum Map: Coliseum. Coliseum is a new instance map attached to Ground Zero. OCD built the Coliseum to test the most elite drivers with unique, ever-more-difficult challenges.
  • New missions in Ground Zero. More than 20 new missions have been added to Ground Zero.
  • Improved Performance on starter maps: The Wastes, Malachite, Fort Logan, Tocado, Upside
  • Increased Capture Time on Outposts in Ground Zero. This will encourage group play and give defenders more of a chance to react to changing battle conditions.
  • Adjusted repair consumables to have 1 less cooldown timer group than before.
  • These changes should improve support class desirability, team play, and improve conditions in Ground Zero.
  • Increased all Mutant mission XP payouts from levels 6-59 by 10% and increased Biomek mission XP payouts from levels 6-59 by 5%.
  • Outpost Token Store with new "Battlemaster" set of items. Remember all those tokens you collected capturing outposts in Ground Zero? Now you can spend them on amazing new items. The Battlemaster set of items is brutal, embedded with skulls and glowing with the blood of your enemies.
  • Pet Balance Improvements. Nearly every summon across all races/classes now lasts for over an hour in duration at the highest ranks, and have had their accuracy and hit points greatly improved and normalized.
  • Improved statistics of Epic mission rewards, including the addition of the best auto-repair in the game.
  • Many new weapons to improve drops and damage type availability.
  • There will also be a wider selection of non-energy based and high refire-rate weaponry.
  • Also, new tricks coming soon after Update 2 to improve your customization options.

For more on Auto Assault, click here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • NameWasTakenNameWasTaken Member Posts: 132
    Why are they even bothernig any more with this game, as game designers they have FAILED!!

    If they want to salvage this train wreck and make something of it, I would strongly suggest that they make the game free to download/play and introduce in game advertising in the form of road side billboards and signage.

    Then they will have an income stream from the adds, and let people who would normally play this game a chance to play. I'd play if it was free, at the cost of ingame adds.

    This game is as bad as free-to-air TV, so might as well run it in the same manner.
  • AdewulfAdewulf Member UncommonPosts: 27
  • AdewulfAdewulf Member UncommonPosts: 27

    bah.. browser failed...

    I was saying that I belive this game to be fun. Atleast it was for a period of time.

    But the thing is, if they would implement meaningfull PvP and other stuff that alot of people been wanting for a long time now it would be fun for a lasting period of time. Not the one week it took to get to 80..

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