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Anarchy Online is now a ghost town

zdrakezdrake Member Posts: 3

I had played Anarchy Online quite a bit about 8 months ago. I had a level 75 Adventurer and was active in my role-playing guild. I started getting tired of the repetitive levelling that seems to be par for course for MMORPGS (though I haven't played any others extensively), so I quit.

When the Shadowlands expansion came out, I thought I'd check back in. What struck me most was that Anarchy Online seems so empty now. I remember before you had to turn off the shopping chat channel if you didn't want to get completely flooded with messages. Nowadays, I put a "level 75 adv looking for team" on the Omni-Tek "seeking team" channel and I can practically hear the crickets chirping. I haven't once been able to find a team! There used to be swarms of people hanging out by Rome Blue Basic General Store. Now Rome feels like a museum. I chatted with a couple people on the Omni-Tek OOC channel and they were basically just killing time in AO until Everquest 2 or World of Warcraft came out. It was depressing.

I'm not sure if the population has gone down drastically, or if the Shadowlands expansion just encourages solo play.  (I only played Shadowlands a little bit, during the free trial period.) I tried creating a character on the other server (my lvl 75 adv was on Rimor) but it seemed even more abandoned and crypt-like, if that's possible.

So my question is, am I just hanging out in the wrong places and on the wrong channels, or has Anarchy Online become a ghost town? Some posts and user reviews around here seem to indicate I'm not alone in this impression.



  • HemKhanHemKhan Member Posts: 231

    Yes AO has become a ghost town, when funcom brought out Shadowlands a lot of players left as SL was aweful. Im sure there are still a few people clinging onto the game hoping it will get better with the next expansion but with a name like "Alien Invasion" I already have my doubts. Of course I'm going to check out the game once again when the new expansion comes out, but if its as bad as SL was then I'm leaving and never returning, just like a lot of other players I can amagine.


  • shabannshabann Member Posts: 2

    Been playing AO for more then a year (on Rimor) and I can tell you that number of players is rising, not falling. Thing is, after SL expansion players are spending most of the time in Shadwolands because xp is much better then on good ol' Rubi-Kan.

    Visit gardens in SL and you'll find team in less then a minute. Almost no one is doing RK missions now (xpt for blitzing and fun), everyone are hunting mobs in SL due to way better xp and loot (ingots).

    I played AC2, Eve online and Neocron and Anarchy Online have at least 10 times more players online then any of these games.

    Another thing: Rimor is less populated server, but more friendy and nicer then Atlantean where you have to pay for everything.

  • ResetgunResetgun Member Posts: 471
    Aye. Population is now mostly adventuring in Shadownlands.

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  • lev-27lev-27 Member Posts: 30

    Only idiots canceled their account because of a bad expansion pack. If they don't like SL, don't play it, but to cancel an account?! Idiots. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    Back to the subject.

    I play AO for almost a year, and today there are more players then before. <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Lot's of new and old players came to check SL.







  • HemKhanHemKhan Member Posts: 231
    No, only idiots still play the game when the expansion screwed up the game and funcom dont give a rats ass about their customers anymore.


  • UmbroodUmbrood Member UncommonPosts: 1,809

    Well SL broke my AO experience for sure, i managed to do 3 shadow levels in the shadowlands before leaving in disgust.

    And to the "only idiots leave" guy, why play alone on rubi-ka if you dont like SL? I mean what is the point of that, I hate SL but I love AO, (old AO), but I can not level on Rubi-Ka, and it is deserted to a great extent, only an idiot would stay i say.


    Originally posted by Jerek_

    I wonder if you honestly even believe what you type, or if you live in a made up world of facts.

  • zdrakezdrake Member Posts: 3

    Thanks for your opinions and information.

    I suspected that maybe everyone was in the Shadowlands. Maybe I'll get the expansion pack so my old Level 75 adventurer can get to where everyone else is. I didn't know that xp and loot was better there. That certainly explains why it's so empty back on Rubi-Ka.

  • strudelbrainstrudelbrain Member Posts: 2
    Not to forget the fact that everybody who was twinking is now back on their level 200 mainchar in the shadowlands for further leveling...

  • hitmehitme Member Posts: 10

  • numtininumtini Member Posts: 21

    Hmm... I didn't like Shadowlands very much. But I restarted AO last night and there are so many people in West Athens it was making my Radeon 9800pro lag.

    If that's a ghosttown, I guess there's a lot of ecoplasmic subscription money flowing to Norway!

    Also it looks like they've fixed a lot of SL issues. Still not to my taste, but it is something different.

  • zdrakezdrake Member Posts: 3
    I've been playing again recently, and now that I have the Shadowlands expansion it does seem like there are more people. I think I was just playing at "off" hours before. I don't think it's because I cought Shadowlands, because I think SL people can still "see" non-SL people.

  • NayegaNayega Member Posts: 3

    Server - RK1. Character name: Zaldon. Character level - 91.

    Been on AO for 9 months

    Rubi-Ka is not deserted. I mean just go to Omni Entertainment if you dare! And to be specific go near the Bronto Burger. It is hot. I hate going there because so many people are there it just lags my computer BADLY. After a while it's OK, but when I just enter from woompah.. Dang!

    As someone already said, everyone is going to SL for now. Just go to the gardens.

    But, I'm noticing more people returning to Rubi-Ka. I'm actually starting to team in RK and do the classic way of getting XP... missions you can just barely handle!

    Well that's my opinion. I know I'm new to the boards and this is my first post, but I still hope some of you can take ir seriously (from a noob that is)

    Don't judge a MMORPG by it's screenshots...

  • deggilatordeggilator Member Posts: 520

    I think the playerbase remains more or less the same. It's just that people are now more scattered among different areas. Instead of everyone LFGing in South Gate of Tir, for example, they are divided among Old Athen, Elysium, Scheol and Adonis.

    Plus, there are quite a few more activities, like gathering patterns or other loot. Unfortunately, most such activities involve real bad camping :( That's the worst thing in the expansion IMO.

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  • SaranthSaranth Member UncommonPosts: 269

    I am back in AO after a 8 month hiatas. I got into shadowlands and was clueless. But as I got accustomed i noticed the huge amount of new people. SOmeone called me an "old-worlder" because I was from the pre-expansion days. My 103 MP had a lot of new interesting stuff, but I decided to make a new keeper.

    So far I'm really enjoying being back.

    During my leave I played SWG, AC2, EQ, FFXI, Horizons, and I really missed AO. So much more depth. IMHO.

  • NossonNosson Member Posts: 1
    I have been playing AO for well over a year I had closed my account after aproaching 200 and running out of things to do. After the expansion came out though I reactivated my account and have been happy with the new adventures and things to do. I feel the expansion was a possitive thing and I cannot wait for the Alien expansion to come out now.

  • HemKhanHemKhan Member Posts: 231

    Originally posted by Alphamalebsr

    Originally posted by zdrake

    Thanks for your opinions and information.
    I suspected that maybe everyone was in the Shadowlands. Maybe I'll get the expansion pack so my old Level 75 adventurer can get to where everyone else is. I didn't know that xp and loot was better there. That certainly explains why it's so empty back on Rubi-Ka.

    You will be making a big mistake if you get the expansion thinking that everyone is in SL.. Truth is that Star wars put the original hurt on AO back in the day.. But when the SL release came out all the people came running back to test it out.. Only to find out that it was a bug filled aggro magnet hell of a camp fest full of insane Mobs running around.. And just like our chars where running from grey mobs (with insande damage and hit points) at launch, so did we run away from the game..

    If I was you I would listen to the people who say that SL ruined AO because the sad fact is that it did...While it was and is full of eye candy it is an absolute waste land and camp fest...This is and might always be my favorite MMO (pre SL exp) but now its just a box in my room.


    There was a reason that soon after launch Funcom was giving a free trial of SL so soon after the exp came out. There is a reason why everyone in the AO Forums back then was bashing SL and the devs, there is a reason why, as you said AO is a ghost town now (compared to what it used to be). And there is a reason why a few of us here try to steer people away from AO now... Truth is SL ruined my favorite MMORPG of all time to the point that  me, my 7 chars, and my old orgs might never go back, even after this new expansion drops....

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    Finally someone I can agree with 100%

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  • DaemonknightDaemonknight Member Posts: 10

    I am one of those who has gone back to AO.

    I had an account 2 yrs ago and cancelled it because my friends were playing Dark Age of Camelot. Now after 2 years of DAOC and being bored to tears with it I checked out AO again and I can tell you that the game is a blast to play with the new expansion pack. My friends have also moved to AO from DAOC.

    There is much more XP to be had in SL so I guess most peeps like me tend to level there instead of RK. 

  • DrakkoonDrakkoon Member Posts: 2

    The thing is... that you can play on RK if you want, you know. It isn't THAT empty now... but there is more people in PVP in RK now.. as the people that don,t PVP are in SL.. those that are in RK are pretty much those that don,t have SL.. that are tired of SL.. that don't even know what SL is and those that PVP alot.

    If you don't like Sl well.. PVP.. if you don't like PVP.. well.. find an org that stays on RK and is more social than the big PVP orgs... or simply make an ALT.. best way to stay in the game when you are bored..

    My opinion ok..

  • DaemonknightDaemonknight Member Posts: 10

    DAOC has 8 vs 8? LOL which server did you play in? It a gazzillion Albions Vs a lot of Hibs Vs a few Mids. It has deteriorated to Zerg Vs. Zerg with a lot of players using Radar. That was how it was when I left.  Nice of Mythic to have produced such a fantastic PVP system comparted to everyone else but they never did police the radar users at all.

    I like AO better. It is a much deeper game and its is vast compared to a lot of games.

  • slowinslowin Member Posts: 3

    Ive played off and on for about a year now.  I never got any of the expansion packs but still manage to enjoy the game.  After a while it gets frustrating and monotonous ass all rpgs do.  So I give it a rest and return later to play again.

    If you are looking for teams Ive found that not many people use the team channels as you say you have them turned off sometimes, so do others.  Your best bet is to go to one of the areas where people generally gather and scream your level and profession and that you are looking for a team.  It works all the time especially during peak hours.

    Subway entrances are good place to look for teams for low levels 1-30 or so

    Athens Hill is good for lvl 30-60 or so

    Temple is also good for finding a team up to lvl 60

    Outside Newland city by the grid is good for upper levels 70-120 or so.

    A lot of higher levels also gather outside Tir looking for teams.

    If you go to these places you will definately find a team.  If you dont know where they are ask someone in-game Rubi-Ka is a very helpful place.

  • the server 1 has more people

  • IonselonIonselon Member Posts: 248

    I just bought a copy of Shadowlands for $4.99 (new regular price, not sale price) at Best Buy.  Haven't created an account yet, just couldn't pass up software for less than $5.00.  image

    I'll get around to creating an account and using up my 30 days soon.  Thanks on the tip that most people are playing in SL.  Guess I'll create a character (paladin or the AO equivalent thereof) there.


  • Dsty2001Dsty2001 Member Posts: 64

    that's odd, I'm on rimor and its not hard for me to find a team at all.  It is not a Ghost Town, not even close.  There is tons of people playing it, I don't know what game your playing, but it isnt AO

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    Sometimes, it is better to say nothing at all. Cause big mouths say big words, and big words travel like bacteria.

  • GimpGimp Member Posts: 6

    well, for one, you have to realize that the "seeking team" does not do all of AO, just certain parts, like connected cities, basically they can only hear you because of the transmitters, the whompahs actually. They transmit your "seeking team" requests to cities attactched to it, once there, it can't go any further, so if your in andromeda, only andromeda, omni-1 trade, newland, and tir can hear your "seeking team" ok? and second, what kind of player actually criticizes a game for their hard work, believe me, Funcom but more work into SL than you could ever imagine, you just havn't actually tried to look yet, so go look! Funcom has done way more than you think, plus, do you really want to let their hard work goto waste?

  • CrowenCrowen Member Posts: 128

    Originally posted by lev-27

    Only idiots canceled their account because of a bad expansion pack. If they don't like SL, don't play it, but to cancel an account?! Idiots. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
    Back to the subject.
    I play AO for almost a year, and today there are more players then before. <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Lot's of new and old players came to check SL.

    If you don't play in SL you don't get level 220 plan and simple your forced to go there even if you don't want to... If you ever want to progress to the end game you have to go to SL and thats why they leave. Not going to get into name calling with you just you seem to have no high end exp therefor you have no opinion on why people leave.


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