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Pirates of the Burning Sea: New Dev Log

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

There's another new Dev Log over at Pirates of the Burning Sea. This one comes from the keyboard of Wesley Hather, who is a new software engineer and has been working for Flying Lab Sutdios for only a month. As usual, the log is too lengthy to publish here, but if you follow the link below, you can read it all:


Hello all!

My name is Wesley Hather and I am the new software engineer here at Flying Lab Software and it feels great to be on the team. My first day of work was on Monday, June 26th, so I’ve been here for almost a month. DevCo is a very sharp team and they are a blast to work with.

I’ve always had the passion to become an engineer of some sort. In 6th grade, I wanted to design roller coasters because I loved Six Flags Magic Mountain. In 7th grade, I started playing computer games and realized I wanted to create games instead of roller coasters. The first computer games I played were Starcraft and Quake 2. I fell in love with First Person Shooters and ended up playing Counter-Strike for a good five years (If you’re curious, my alias is “zerocool”).

Read it all, here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


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