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EverQuest II: Q&A: Scott Hartsman

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

Today, staff writer Carolyn Koh sits down once again for another EverQuest II Q&A. This time around, she's talking to Scott Hartsman:


Do the player base tend to request wide-scale changes or changes to single specific aspects of the game? Say change to a certain spell or change to an entire line of spells? Scott Hartsman:

In the case you’ve described, usually not. What happens most often with spells and spell lines is that they tend to get mired up in class vs. class discussion, since many people feel a strong loyalty to their primary class. People almost view themselves as lobbying on behalf of their own class, which of course causes people of other classes to view said efforts as threats and immediately get into direct comparisons.

As a brief aside, that's a big reason why at Fan Faires we tend to not get into class-vs-class style questions at all. These are frequently discussions that have dozens of different facets, and are much better suited to extended debate, taking all of those different aspects into account. Justice really isn't done to them in a two-minute question-response format.

You can read the feature, here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • SiN0420SiN0420 Member Posts: 30
    Good stuff, one change I wish they would implement is the ability to "unlearn" tradeskills.  I think it should be the players choice if after working extremely hard and spending a lot of money to raise the skill, that it should be their choice to drop it.
  • JDexterJDexter Member UncommonPosts: 116
    MMORPG.com: Do you think that these changes you’ve implemented so far. For example, the recent revamp of the tradeskill system… the changes to classes… has caught the players unaware or have these been changes that have players have clamored for?
    Scott Hartsman:

    I think that one of the reasons that they've been (all in all) received so positively is because large portions of our community recognized them as potential areas we could improve EQ2, and many of them wanted to see a given change happen. Not everyone likes every change, of course, but one reason you don't hear a lot of complaining about most of our system enhancements is that the majority of people see them the same way we do -- as enhancing the game experience.


    Funny, the tradeskill changes were implemented half-assed.  They didn't 'realize' how much of an impact leaving the tradeskill writs out until an unknown future time would effect the players.

    I'd say because of the way tradeskills were implemented, and the response to the missing, and still unknwon future implementation of the rest of the changes, this guy hasn't bothered to read the forums.

    You don't replace a system without replacing the whole system.  Changing tradeskills so that just about everything you make is worthless (except rares) and then make them profitless to sell back to vendors without putting in the balancing part of the equation.  You certainly don't wait 6 months to implement 'something' either.

    Scott, read your forums. 

  • MalakaiMalakai Member Posts: 147
    I really like Scott Hartsman.  Scott and his team have done a great job with Everquest 2.  It is definitely heading in the right direction .  I have no doubt that the future expansion will raise the level of quality even further.  Plus it is going to have the nostalgia factor with some of the old EQ 1 areas being added to the game.  Thats always a good thing for us EQ 1 vets.  Also I think that Sin has a good idea with the tradeskills.  I do not see why they could not perhaps make it where you could unlearn a tradeskill.  I bet if enough people requested it, they would probably add it in the future or at least see if it is feasible to do.  Time will tell.  But anyways, good job Scott and Co. on the job you have done so far .
  • ltolmanltolman Member Posts: 55


    -Not a huge deal to me but any reason why there were EverQuest 1: Serpents Spine's Screenshots in the EverQuest 2 Interview?? Perhaps it was to see if any of the community found it and will win a prize LOL; so did I win?? hehe

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