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How is it going?

BrotheryangBrotheryang Member UncommonPosts: 174
How is the game going these days. Iv been out of it for a few months now. Im thinking of coming back to the game but i wanted to hear from other people about it. Are you guys still loving the game? and plz dont tell me that ican get a froob account and look because that dosnt realy tell me much.


  • NagelFireNagelFire Member Posts: 409

    The game still has a fairly decent sized community.  Although lots of bugs are still there, And Funcom doesnt really know anything.  They have lagged out entire continates before o_o

    Still, Quite fun, Give it a try ;)


  • BrotheryangBrotheryang Member UncommonPosts: 174
    kool. i might give it a shot then. thanks

  • morphamorpha Member UncommonPosts: 7

    Lags lags and more lags. Nothing special new... maybe they will do something in 16.3 patch but new patch = new bugs.

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