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Shadowbane guild forums?

harry101harry101 Member Posts: 1


I dont know if they do guilds in SB, but if they do il b happy to host ur guild forums on my site. If ur guild is intersted post ere or email me at [email protected].

I thought itl b good, cuz these free games dont get as much support as the pay to play ones, and with forums itl b easier for yall to comunicate and do things. Itl b for all guilds so feel free to ask

Im wanna do this for a couple of free mmorpgs so if any1 has any popular rpgs in mind post these aswel. Hope to hear frm ya!

PS: i hope the mmorpg staff dont mind..


  • ukanflyyukanflyy Member Posts: 31

    Shadowbane has guilds (just so you're sure)


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