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Question on the Graphics Renovation

checkthis500checkthis500 Member Posts: 1,236

When are the new graphics going to be in place?  I have heard a few things, but nothing concrete.  Also when is Kali to come out? 

I apologize ahead of time for redundancy if this has already been asked.  I haven't been able to follow the game in the past few months, and I was curious.

Thanks for any info.

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  • AzirophosAzirophos Member Posts: 447

    The Graphics Upgrade is atm aimed for a Summer 2007 release.

    Kali will be put live in 3 parts. If everything goes like planned then part 1 will be released in September, part two end of 2006 and part 3 in summer 2007 (including the gfx upgrade). there is also word that the gfx upgrade may come end of this year, but that is speculation.

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  • iCehiCeh Member UncommonPosts: 884

    Look like i'm gonna have to upgrade then >.<

    I just want those Tier3 Battleships, screw everything else.


  • LordSlaterLordSlater Member Posts: 2,087

    There are 2 clients being released one that runs directX9.x graphics and one that runs directX 10 [Vista]

    Obviously the Vista one will be the best the other is so that you dont have to upgrade your windows.


  • SobaManSobaMan Member Posts: 384

    Originally posted by LordSlater

    There are 2 clients being released one that runs directX9.x graphics and one that runs directX 10 [Vista]

    Obviously the Vista one will be the best the other is so that you dont have to upgrade your windows.

    Correct here, and I do belive that will be the reason graphics updates will wait as long as possible.  Though, if I remember correctly, they're going to do a DX9 update with Kali, and then, upon Vista's mainstreaming, they'll introduce a DX10 update.  I've been wrong before and lord knows my memory is pretty shotty when I have to wake up early, but I do believe there will be a DX9 update sooner than a DX10 update.

    The DX9 update will not require upgrading your software, and it will continue to be supported by CCP until the end of EVE.  So, no worries about upgrading your computer, and CCP has already pleaded to NOT upgrade your computer yet.  Why?  There are no DX10 compatible graphics cards (or anything for that matter) available on the market.

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  • mindspatmindspat Member Posts: 1,367

    I recall something being said that due to the dx10 upgrade they're having to remodel EVERYTHING (including stations) over again.  If I'm not mistaken it sounded like the core client resides on the use of low poly structures where as they are not converting to expectations for the dx10 engine.  It was said that the new DX10 engine requires two models of each ship, one low poly amd one high poly, where-as this could very likely be the reason why we would see the dx9 (lower poly) engine update first since they would have those upgrades completed before the high poly dx10 version; I could be completely wrong.

    It makes sense that CCP would push the dx9 client upgrades prior to the dx10 engine to assist with a smoother transistion and an easier situation of working out possible bugs that could be implemented from a publish of this nature.

  • LordSlaterLordSlater Member Posts: 2,087

    I actually watched what direct X 10 will do to eve in the last convention they showed eve at directX9 then did it for DX10 the fillters and effects that showed for DX10 was pretty impressive the ships looked almost tangable. Just based on what i saw there is enough for me to get Vista when its ready.

    I also saw a tech demo last week showing some microsoft games on E3 using DX10 graphics and i have to say the effects DX10 brings will when Vista is ready be a definate must have upgrade.


  • MinscMinsc Member UncommonPosts: 1,345

    CCP needs to remodel everything in game at 1-2 million polygons to create normal maps for all of the ships in the game, these will then be applied to the lower-poly ships, the new DX9 engine will then be able to apply different shaders to everything to acheive all the fancy effects. Most of the stuff that DX10 can do is easily possible in DX9. DX10 will just have a few new things that only DX10 capable cards are able to do.

    CCP are also hoping to allow players with older hardware to disable certain dx9/10 effects through game settings for those with less powerfull computers.

    The ship upgrades will be completed first and then they said they will work on stations/structures/planets afterwards. I'd imagine that part of the upgrade will come in with planetary interaction.

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