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Hero Online

NoZZramNoZZram Member Posts: 7

There is a new MMORPG.

Its called Hero Online

The website: http://hero.netgame.com/

They started beta Signup by the end of June 06.

So mmorpg.com should add this great MMORPG in theyr Game list.

The devellopers of Hero Online develloped another MMORPG too... called Legend Of Ares.... which isn´t on mmorpg.com neither.

Hero Online is too good for a MMORPG which hasn`t been added on mmorpg.com



  • StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

    Actually, both of those games currently appear on our games list, and we have done numerous features on each of them.

    Thank you for your time

    Jon "Stradden" Wood, Community Manager

    Jon Wood
    Managing Editor

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