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I just restarted my account. Looking for a corp.

xpowderxxpowderx Member UncommonPosts: 2,078

My old corp is among the dark matter of EVE. Im looking for a new corp that is interested in a part time miner/part time anything else. I have a mix of skills.

Characters name is Maidden, look me up!! now to remember how to play the frigging game!!


  • Stumpy26Stumpy26 Member Posts: 189

    Firstly welcome back to EVE

    We in MMC Mega Mining Corp may have a place for you.  I cant look up or convo ur character as i am at work now. But after 17:00 EVE time i will be online and I will convo you or evemail you in case u are interested in joining.

    Firstly im not a recruitment officer nor do I have any important position in mmc but i can tell u abit about us. Well of course we mine, rat (in low sec) some people run missions we also have a few very good pvpers around which could give u tips and u can practice with them.

    Oh i almost forgot we produce Dreadnaughts aswell and in a while we will have the bpos to make carriers.

    With Kind Regards


  • xpowderxxpowderx Member UncommonPosts: 2,078

    Hi Stumpy.

    Well after getting into the game a bit I found out my old corp is around. They are in .2 space. Im sure you have heard of them "Prax Iniative". I also found out they moved far far away from our old location. I wanted to thank you for the offer though. Is your corp part of the alliance Prax is in?

    Im in the process of moving the majority<not all> of my assets to the Prax HQ. Probably gonna take me at least 2 whole days to do it..l have stuff scattered all over the place. Probably will leave some in its spot. As any of us know its always good to have backup resources. especially if there is ever a full fledged alliance war

    But hope we can talk again! Once again, nice meeting you. I got a feeling I will end up being a negotiator for contract and researcher for my corp. I have a incredible MInd att..lol

    Hope to see you around!

  • Stumpy26Stumpy26 Member Posts: 189

    Yep nice to meet u aswell (well if u count posting in forum as meeting )

    We have just joined an ailiance a few days ago im not sure which it is (im so lazy when it comes to reading corp posts :(  ) and my corp mates are just taking care of some hostiles in a 0.0 system b4 we build up our pos.

    You mentioned you are going to be negotiator for your corp :) then I would like to be the first to offer MMCs products to you unfortunately I dont have access to EVE as im at work but we produce Freightors (not sure which but 2 or 3 diff kinds we do) and 3 types of Dreads and soonish also Carriers if you need any of the following ships I hope we could come to a agreement that is benificial to both corps.

    With Kind Regards


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