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New Start?

WarDividerWarDivider Member Posts: 4
What if They Made like a shadowbane 2 , Like a fresh start with updated graphics and such... the gameplay I played it for what seems like years then quit.... but i always have an urge to go back but theres not that many people who play it anymore.... if they made a shadowbane 2 , with updated graphics, and little bugs i would buy it in a heartbeat


  • Jerek_Jerek_ Member Posts: 409

    yah I would, but its not going to happen.  Wolkpack is gone, Ubi controls the rights to the SB name, and stray bullet games, the reformed company that runs SB for ubisoft already said there is no way they will try to get the rights back. 

    Sad for SB2, which before wolfpack was closed was already being developed, but SBG already has another project in the works.  It will be a while before we see whats up, but I am confident they will stick to their roots.

  • ukanflyyukanflyy Member Posts: 31

    Faster servers would be nice too!

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