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Curious about Shadowbane

aerandir09aerandir09 Member Posts: 4
I'm really tempted to try this game, since i hear it's the best PvP system out there. Problem is i've been tricked into so many mmorpgs i'm now very diffident with new games.
So i ask the most experienced players of SB if they can answer some of my concerns. :D

1. Is this game a grindfest like WoW or EQ2? I don't wanna start a game that requires hours and hours of mindless grinding for objects and crafting.

2. Is this game casual-friendly or will i need to leave my job to reach the endgame goals?

3. Is this game filled with 1337 kids zomg pwnz r0xx0r?

4. How is the community? Is it easy for newbies to enter a good guild or (like EVE online) the best guilds own everything and don't recruit anymore?

5. Are you sure its the best PvP system out there? Better than DaoC?

Apart from this 5 concerns, i really like the idea of guild-controlled nations/cities. But i dont wanna stay in the background. I don't like not being part of the game.

Thanks for any answer. ;)


  • Jerek_Jerek_ Member Posts: 409

    1) not even close to a grindfest.  Its the shortest leveling system I've seen in a MMORPG.

    2) yes you can play casually, I do.

    3) not many kids, but yah you will see some, as well as some immature people that are old enough to know better.  Thing about SB is, you're not powerless to do something about it.

    4) no guild 'owns everything' no matter how good they are on any server.  There are guilds that no longer recruit that happen to be good, but even some of those you can get in if they fight against you a lot and see potential.  Aside from those types, there are plently of newbie friendly guilds in shadowbane that can hold their own or better, and these types of guilds are better for new players anyway as they are more understanding of questions and don't have a problem handing out help. Zeno might be able to help you out, I would but I'm errant

    5) yes it is.

    as for not wanting to be in the background and be a part of the game, I think that pretty much applies to everyone in an active guild really.  Take the help you need getting started and return the favor to other players later, I know for a fact more people remember those that helped them than killed them.  Another piece of advice, read the offical forums, look for guilds that are recruiting new players, and find a template for the character you want to play, leveling doesn't take long but if you don't have a guide you will gimp yourself before you even get in game heh.  Good luck and have fun.

  • -Zeno--Zeno- Member CommonPosts: 1,298
    On the lore server, Vindication, use the /who list and choose "recruiting" ( *All - * Status - *Recruiting > then hit checkmark).  I see 9 diffrent recruiters on right now for various guilds.  All you have to do is match there charter with your class/race so they can add you.

    As a new player leveling will take some time.  Atleast in this game, once you hit about level 50, your be able to pvp against level 75's easy, if your trained up enough.

    The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

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