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MMORPG.com scoring system update idea

DistilerDistiler Member Posts: 416
Started the thread in The Pub but this forum is more apropiated:


I find the score system very interesting but it fails at
scoring at a determined time / period thus not being trully objective
as the time passes. It would be nice if it can be done some kind of
graphic depicting score vs time so we can see the ups and lows of the
game and check, for example, if a "8" is a stable "8" right now or it
was a 9 and now it's going down, or the oposite.

It would be too a nice tool for analisis and debates.

I know you database register the time when each score is submitted, becuase it's in the user comments.

PD: best example, you know, Star Wars Galaxies.

As a side note would be nice to couple the data with the one at
mmogchart.com.it's data can be downloaded in MS Excel .xls format.

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